Myths about Becoming a Truck Driver


Even with so many people in the trucking industry, the industry is always looking to add new drivers. There is a shortage of truck drivers scattered across the country. If you are thinking about becoming a truck driver, it helps to know more about these myths.

It Costs a Lot to Be a Truck Driver

One of the things that stop many people from becoming a truck driver is the idea that it’s expensive to go to trucking school. It’s not as expensive as you think. Truck driving school will cost less than many other types of schools and it can be done in just a few weeks instead of years. Research some trucking schools in your area in order to see what the costs are. You don’t even technically need to go to trucking school, and you can get a medical card and Class A permit on your own. However, you would need to find someone with time and equipment to help you train.

You Need to Sign on with a Big Company for Training

You can go to a small, independent truck driving school and you don’t necessarily need to be signed on to a big company in order to become a truck driver.

Truck Drivers Spend All Their Time Out on the Road

Some truck drivers do in fact spend the entire year on the road. These drivers will travel from coast to coast and it’s exactly what they want to be doing. You don’t have to do this. There are plenty of truck drivers who just drive locally and are home every night. It can be up to you to determine how far you want to be away from your home.

You Have to Have a Perfect Driving Record

A trucking company may prefer to hire someone with a perfect driving record but there are those that are open to hiring someone with less-than-perfect driving records, depending on the circumstances. If you are honest and open about your driving record, companies may look past it if you are reliable and a good driver.

Truck Driving Is a Man’s World

Today, diversity matters and there are about 200,000 women who earn a living as a truck driver. The only requirement needed to become a truck driver is to complete the approved training and to show commitment.

Truck Drivers Don’t Make a Good Living

A truck driver does make a pretty good living and their income can often exceed $50K a year. In states such as Mississippi that have lower wages than the national average, the truck driver compensation is at the top.

Truckers Cause Too Many Accidents

Truckers are three times less likely to have an accident than normal vehicles. Drivers braking in front of truckers or driving in blind spots cause most truck accidents.