Most Effective Solutions for the Dutch Company Establishment


Whatever industry you will be working in, every starting entrepreneur will have to deal with government rules. Read here which things you need to arrange properly.

Choosing the correct legal form

Will your company become a sole proprietorship, private limited company or general partnership? In the Netherlands, starting entrepreneurs themselves choose the legal form of their company. This decision has consequences for certain tax liabilities and liability. So read carefully before making a choice. For Setting up a Dutch BV this is an important step.

Come up with a name for your company

Some entrepreneurs know immediately what they call their company, others find it quite difficult to come up with a good company name. In principle you are completely free to choose a nice name yourself. Keep in mind that your trade name does not resemble existing company names and brands too much.

Register with the Chamber of Commerce

A separate registration with the tax authorities is not necessary, because the Chamber of Commerce will pass this information on to the tax authorities immediately after your registration. A separate registration with the tax authorities is not necessary.

Meeting the professional requirements

Nowadays you no longer need to be in possession of a specific diploma to start a business yourself. However, you may need to have certain qualifications to be able to practice your profession.

What about a:

  • Pharmacist
  • Midwife
  • Personal security guard

Register with the company / product board

Are you going to set up a company in an industry with a company or product board? Then you have to become a member of this as an independent entrepreneur. This also means that you pay a contribution for this and that you must adhere to the rules of the organization. Visit to get the relevant details for the same now.

Set up administration?

Especially for starters: the basics in 5 minutes. An overview of what you need to get started with your accounting, including tips. In turn, product or company boards represent the collective interests of companies in this sector. You do not need to register separately, because this is automatically arranged after your registration in the Trade Register.

Checking the zoning plan

Finding a good business location can be more difficult than you might initially think. Your location will have to correspond with the zoning plan of your municipality. So check in time how this works in your place of residence. Is there no room in your area for a new company in your sector? Then you can submit a request to the municipality to change the plan. You can also ask for an environmental permit to act in violation of spatial planning rules.

Sign up for a home business

Some starting entrepreneurs, especially self-employed people , initially work from home . But there are also certain rules attached to setting up a home business. You may have to report this to your municipality and, for example, apply for a special withdrawal permit.

Application for an environmental permit

As an entrepreneur you may have to deal with environmental regulations in the field of noise, energy and waste. It depends on the activities of your company in which type the company will be classified.