Modular kitchen simplified: Making the right choices for your home!


Customization is the most important aspect of contemporary home décor and interior design. Designers and homeowners are well-aware of the fact that homes are getting smaller by the day, and it is absolutely necessary to come up with tailored solutions, which are not only seek but also extremely functional. One of the core objectives is to make the most of the space. The kitchen, being the most used part of the house, needs attention. From the kitchen trolley design to cabinets, cooktops and countertops, every aspect needs attention. If functionality and contemporary style are things you seek, a modular kitchen is the answer. Here’s how you can make the right choices for your home.

Think of space first

If you check with any known interior design service, they will show you a detailed catalogue that will have all sorts of modular kitchen designs. Just because you like an idea doesn’t meant that it’s right for your home. The space is an important aspect to consider in this regard. For instance, can you afford to install a U-shaped modular kitchen. If you have a single wall, or limited space, you need something more basic.

Storage concerns are important

For a small home that has just two members, an elaborate modular kitchen is anything but necessary. You don’t need all those cabinets and segments, because that adds to the cost. Instead, go for a design than use two walls and offer enough storage for everything. On the other hand, some homeowners are just more inclined in keeping all things out of sight, and for them, a more comprehensive and larger modular kitchen layout is the ideal choice.

Consider your appliances

You cannot cover all the walls of your kitchen with just cabinets and drawers. Keep in mind that certain appliances need space in the kitchen, such as the microwave, electric kettle, dishwasher and refrigeration. The new age modular kitchens are designed in a way that these appliances can be placed in the layout effectively and as a part of the system. You can have open racks, special corners and much more for different needs.

Budget that works

Elaborate, highly-functional and automated modular kitchens come for an extra price, and that price is worth paying only when you need those features and have that kind of budget. Some design services can offer modular designs based on the budget you have in mind, while others may have ready layouts that can be further customized. Don’t shy away from talking budget, and do ask the design service as how long it would take to get the installation done.

Think of ventilation

While having an exhaust fan and chimney is absolutely necessary, you have to consider the ways in which you can allow more of natural air and light in the kitchen, provided there is scope. Ensure that the design team doesn’t block any window or opening for the layout of the modular kitchen, and it should incorporate the need for a well-defined ventilation system.

Final word

There’s no denying that modular kitchens are getting popular by the day, and brands and design services offer too many choices. Consider the materials, aspects like maintenance, your budget and other important pointers we just discussed, before taking the decision, and do ask for a detailed estimate in advance.