Microchip Your Pet For These Practical Reasons


Microchipping is becoming more popular for pet owners. This is highly recommended by rescue groups and veterinarians. A microchip will ensure the safety of your pet. If a dog is microchipped, it boosts the chances of it being reunited with its family in case it goes missing. 

If you read Thailand dog blogs, you will realize that there are too many animals that are being rescued from the harsh outdoor environment. A microchip is an effective way to identify the ownership of cats or dogs found wandering outdoors without any collars or ID tags. Here are the reasons to consider microchip implants if you have a pet. 

Quick Pet Ownership Identification

A rescue center or vet clinic with a scanner can read microchips. Once scanned, they can get all the information about the pet and how to contact the owner. While tags and collars can be easily lost or removed, microchips can’t. A microchip is safer than a collar or other ID.

Easy and Painless Procedure

Microchipping will not hurt your pet in any way. It can be done at the vet’s office without the need for sedation. This is straightforward and hassle-free for you and your pet. Ensuring the safety of your cat or dog is now a quick and painless process. You will be in and out of the vet’s clinic in just a matter of minutes.

Affordable for Every Pet Owner

Microchipping a pet is now very affordable. A microchip is a cost-effective way to ensure the safety of your pet. The small amount you pay will not matter if you want to make sure that you find your pet in case it gets lost.

Interested in Microchipping Your Pet? Talk to Your Vet.

During a wellness check, your vet can easily put in a microchip. It’s a quick and painless procedure so your pet won’t even notice it. Also, the microchip is so small, just about the size of a grain of rice. A vet or animal rescue center will be able to scan the dog for a microchip. They will be able to use their scanner to retrieve the dog and owners’ information once it is registered.  

Having your pet microchipped is practical for so many reasons. You will have peace of mind that if they get lost, there is a higher chance that they will be found. If they are microchipped, they will not be given to a new home.