Mark Roemer Shares Reasons Why Your Internet Connection Might Be Slow




There are plenty of problems that may be the cause of your slow internet connection. It may be due to some problems with your broadband provider that may range from faulty hardware to network connection errors. However, if the problem is at your end it can be fixed easily. According to Mark Roemer, there are plenty of ways to fix your slow internet connection as long as you are aware of the reasons behind it. Let’s check some of the common problems that cause a slow internet connection and quick fixes to solve those issues. 

The Reasons

  1. Something is wrong with your router settings – Your wireless router is the centerpiece of your network. Since most devices at your home are connected to the router you need to check the source. If your router isn’t configured properly it will cause network interruptions and slow connection speed. For instance, if the maximum transmission unit is set too high or low, it can create several problems in performance. Check your ISP’s recommendations and the router manual to configure it properly. 
  2. Background programs are hogging up your bandwidth – There are numerous software programs and applications that run in the background. They are minimized and consume your network resources. It may be torrent clients or even games and software that are downloading a patch in the background. 

If you are running a Windows PC, you can easily identify those programs. Just press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select Task Manager from the pop-up list of applications. If the Task Manager Window is in reduced form, you can click on “More Details” at the bottom left corner. In Task Manager, under the Processes Tab, you can find various applications and the system resources used by them. 

Click on the left-hand most column that says Network and sort the applications in descending order of network resources consumed. From here you can right click and close the programs that you don’t need at the moment. 

  1. Worms and Malware – Malicious software programs like an internet worm can spread among devices through computer networks and consume your system resources spontaneously. It can slow down your internet connection or the performance of your system. There are other types of malware as well that can do the same. Moreover, few malicious sites even consume your system resources and bandwidth to operate crypto mining. 

To prevent these malicious programs and websites from using up your bandwidth, you should keep a potent anti-virus program and conduct routine scans. You should also keep your antivirus program updated with the latest database and definitions for efficient performance. Moreover, they also have firewalls and other features that protect you from online threats while you are browsing the internet.


Mark Roemer believes that you should check your computer and router for the above-mentioned problems. They are really easy to fix and shouldn’t take too long. However, if the problem isn’t at your end you should call your ISP for a fix.