Make smart investment this upcoming season


Investment whether in real life or business should always be smart and pragmatic. Well fashion should also not fall behind, right? There is a thin line between what you want and what you should have in your wardrobe, and this too varies with every season. So, with the temperatures slowly dropping and fall around the corner, it is time to make smart investments and upgrade your wardrobe choices for the upcoming season. And if you love couture and are an inhabitant of New Carolina, then you can always drop by the fashion store in NC by Brent Emerson to grab hold of some of the best fall season collections.

  • Oversized blazers

Yes, you heard it right. Blazers are almost a perfect match for all the seasons, even for warm or transitory months. Blazers are one of the smartest investments that also make you look smart, chic, and elegant. Pair it with a fitted crop top and trousers or daunt it with a T-shirt and jeans, you are bound to look exquisite anywhere you go. Provided the colder months are about to come, layer your blazers over knits for that extra snuggly feel.

  • Go for leathers

A timeless classic, leathers are yet one of the smart investments for the upcoming seasons. Moreover, since it can be paired with almost style, be it casual or for a professional appearance, you cannot go wrong with leathers. In North CarolinaBrent Emerson stores some of the most stylish leather of various shades and styles that it will make you speechless. From leather pants and skirts to all-time classic leather jackets, be sure to make these investments before temperature drops.

  • Warm wears with statement details

No matter where you go, fashion is all about a statement. So why not wear something that easily does this job? Brent Emerson’s fall collection comes in a variety of statement details that will make you a total standout. Go for a rhinestone neckline or an off-shoulder piece, you can also go for a front-open piece in a nude shade for a seamless warm look. Style your statement sweaters with denim, leather pants, or skirts, or you can even wear them with prairie dresses to make a bold style statement.

  • Dark shades

No fashion statement is complete without some little pieces of accessories. And what is better than having a pair of dark shades. It is timeless, it is cool, but most importantly it goes with every attire you wear. Hence, make sure to grab yourself a pair of uber-cool dark sunglasses for glamming up any look you choose to daunt.

So, here is a quick and updated list of some of the smart choices for the upcoming season change. Wear it, style it, but most importantly be comfortable and stay safe.