Know More About Traditional Gold Jewellery Designs of Goa



Goa is the place with the oldest craft history and their traditional gold jewellery designs are uniquely designed by the craftsmen. Goa is a very famous tourist place and every year millions of foreigners visit the place to enjoy the beauty of the beaches. The Goan jewellery is very famous among the foreigners and hence its popularity is increasing worldwide. 

In ancient days, “Daivadnya Brahmins” introduced Goan jewellery to the world and since then its popularity took a great leap. 

Traditional Goan jewellery is very similar to traditional Maharashtrian jewellery of the Konkan area. 

Number “7” holds great importance in Goa and is considered the most fortunate one due to which many ornaments like the engagement ring of the bride are made of 7 thin rings etc. 

Let us know more about the traditional gold jewellery designs of Goa.

  • The Armlet: It is the beautiful “bajuband” worn on the upper side of the arms by the Goan women. The bajuband made of Gold is beautifully adorned with floral and peacock motifs available in various styles in the market. The local artisans make the armlets with extreme precision as if many armlets you will find a very detailed work of Goan forest deities.
  • Goth: The beautifully designed gold bangles are called “Goth” in Goa. They are sleek in size and the artisan craft floral designs very beautifully on them. These are easily available in any local jewelry shop in Goa. Various traditional designs of Goth available in the market will leave you confused about which one to buy and which one to leave. 
  • Tode: These are the beautifully carved bangles loved by all the Goan women, worn on special occasions like weddings, poojas, etc. The bangles are designed with screws on one side so that they can be easily adjustable and can be worn by anyone. The screw makes the bangles easier to wear without causing any issues to the hands.
  • Pichodi: These are also traditional gold bangles of Goa given the design of the crown, adorned with pearls and gold motifs. Many women love to add gemstones to the bangle which makes them look more beautiful and expensive. These are easily available at any online store or local jewelry shop in Goa.
  • Piddukachi Kakna: These are the traditional gold bangles designed with a combination of orange, black, red, etc. colored beads. Although the beads are available in various colors, the most loved one is the one with black beads. These bangles are very easy to wear as they are light in weight and can be worn the whole day while working. 
  • Goan Mangalsutra: “Kasithaali” is the name given to the Goan mangalsutra which is the most important piece of jewelry for every Goan bride. The traditional Goan mangalsutra is made of gold and black beads with a gold pendant adorned with the figure of Goddess Laxmi. 
  • Traditional Nathini: It is a curve-shaped nose pin made of pink and white pearls worn by Goan women on every special occasion.