Jakarta Tourist Spots: 5 Best Place Cultural Tourism in Jakarta


The town of Jakarta is indeed the mascot of the big city and became the centre of business, and the capital is overgrowing. Attraction in this town is many areas that you understand incomplete about the tradition, habits as well as the background of Indonesia. Very interesting to spend time travelling to understand civilization tourism. Here are some Jakarta tourist spots, especially truly amazing places of cultural tourism that you must visit in Jakarta.

  1. Nice Arts and Ceramics Museum

In the Nice Arts and Ceramics Museum, you can learn more about arts and ceramics. There are dozens and dozens of paintings and ceramics that it is possible to enjoy. It is also possible to learn how to produce ceramics, an enjoyable thing. Within this tradition, not only to visit the art museum and ceramics, but you can also learn how to get it done.

  1. Kites Museum

The cultural tourism from Jakarta is a kite museum. It could be recalled when you were small playing and forming your kite here. There is a kite museum ranging from kites in little to big size. The big one is often offered in a particular tradition. People are usually served with audiovisual about the kite’s history. Or even better, visitors can create their kites and needless to say after that attempt in the museum yard, it may be taken home.

  1. Textile Museum

Inside this museum, you will know more about batik. Obviously, because the Textile Museum provides centres for learning how to make batik. Not only that, but you will also likewise discover a row of a black traditional fabric collection that there’s almost 1800 cloth. There, you can find 50 types of looms from all around Indonesia, or you may attend courses that are of class if travelling into the place, held free of charge.

  1. National Museum of Indonesia

The National Museum of Indonesia or familiarly called Monas is one of Jakarta tourist spots that you must visit. Monas is a sign to commemorate the support of heroes. On top of the monument, there is a symbol similar to the flame of fire. That symbolizes the spirit of the Indonesian men and women who will not be extinguished. Monas also has a garden along with two ponds.

  1. Ismail Marzuki Park

Next Jakarta tourist spots are Ismail Marzuki Park. This park is located in Jakarta, which was built at the city of Jakarta as the centre of arts and culture or Jakarta Arts Center. Numerous arts and cultural events are regularly held in the art park that has been the pride and “home” of their musicians’ homeland. There are theatres within this park. Also, you can enjoy numerous art and cultural performances.

So indeed a fantastic place for cultural tourism in Jakarta, right? Jakarta has a lot of various cultural activities that you can try. Before you plan a trip to Jakarta, be sure to read more about Jakarta and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.