Is FASTag the Best Solution To Beat Toll Gate Traffic?


Road trips are fun. However, all the fun suddenly comes to an abrupt halt when you have to wait in long queues at toll plazas amidst the heat, dust and pollution. Not to forget the hassle of finding the exact change to pay at the tollbooth. Thankfully, times have changed now. With FASTag, you can go cashless on highways and enjoy your long drives without having to wait for a long time. So yes, FASTag is the best solution to beat traffic at toll plazas. 

What Is FASTag?

FASTag is an electronic and cashless toll payment system that allows you to pay toll online. FASTag is a sticker or tag that you need to affix on your vehicle’s windscreen. When you pass a toll plaza, the scanner scans the sticker using Radio Frequency Identification Technology and deducts the toll amount from your prepaid balance. 

Around 80% of the toll collected across national highways is through FASTag currently, and this number is increasing rapidly with the government making FASTag toll collection mandatory. The National Highways Authority of India, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, and National Payments Corporation of India have launched and promoted the FASTag.   

How to Buy FASTag? 

You can get a FASTag for your vehicle from official issuers and participating banks. You can also purchase it at toll plazas, road transport offices and through payment apps. FASTag is a reloadable tag that you can recharge from a bank account online. 

Features of FASTag

  • The cost of a FASTag is Rs 200, and the minimum recharge amount is Rs 100. 
  • The cost of its security deposit is Rs 200, depending on the type of your vehicle.  
  • The validity of a FASTag is for five years
  • During these five years, you only need to recharge it as per your requirement. 

Benefits of FASTag

  • Ease of payment

You no longer need to carry cash or look for exact change to pay at a toll plaza. 

  • Saves time and fuel

You save fuel and time with FASTag, as you no longer need to wait at the toll plazas for toll payment.


  • Online access

Access FASTag account through an online portal and check the balance. Once you make a payment, you will get an SMS alert on the registered mobile number with the transaction details.  

  • Enhance efficiency

FASTag facilitates the seamless process of toll collection, reduces congestion at toll plazas, and reduces the cost of maintenance and operation. 

  • Ease of application

Many banks are delivering FASTag at your doorstep when you complete the application process online through their website. 

What Are the Documents Required for FASTag

You can get a FASTag by submitting the following documents:

  • Registration documents of your vehicle
  • Photo of the vehicle owner
  • Driving license for KYC 
  • If you are purchasing a FASTag from banks, you might also need to submit Aadhaar and PAN. 

FASTag facilitates seamless toll payments, enhancing the experience of your road travel. Moreover, from February 15, 2021 it has become mandatory to pay at tollbooths via FASTag. If you do not have FASTag on your vehicle, you might be asked to pay double the toll amount. So, what are you waiting for? Get a FASTag for your vehicle today.