Interesting features of Buckingham Palace you never heard of


Queen Elizabeth II’s net worth

Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom is one of the most powerful women in the world. Apart from being powerful, she is also the most influential lady and the richest female alive on the earth at the current time.

According to many media outlets and reports, the total net worth of Queen Elizabeth ii is around 500 million US dollars. But there are some estimations which suggest that the Queen of London has reportedly made a loss of 30 million pounds in the financial year 2020, which is way too much for a normal citizen of England. Although, in Queens’s perspective, it’s just a matter of few dollars.

Above all, she has a huge palace in the Buckingham of London. You have probably learned about this mansion in some of the web portals. More or less, it is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are many unique features which you are missing out about the living place of Elizabeth. And yes, even the YouTubers seem to not know about this. So, without wasting much of your time, let us know some interesting facts about Buckingham Palace.

Facts about Buckingham palace

The huge palace was built back in 200 to 300 hundred years from now with the help of French and English architectures. To put this infrastructure into monetary funds, if the Queen for some weird reason sells the palace, then the money she will be getting in return would be equal to your whole life income. Isn’t that interesting?

Due to its giant structures, no one can put them into actual figures. Thus, all the numbers mention here is not perfect.

It consists of massive rooms, which count approximately 758. And from those rooms, only 78 are bathrooms. Of course, each royal member has a personal bathroom which is maintained by 7 to 8 workers every single time.

Not only this but, the whole palace is full of historical artefacts and objects which are worth more than your luxurious supercar.

Some of the rooms in place are specially built just for the Queen’s jewellery collections and precious stones. One of these rooms has the only crown embedded with the Kohinoor diamond, which is equivalent to 78 million dollars.

Don’t worry; you can get the chance to visit some part of the palace on any special occasion of the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth ii’s room

Apart from bathrooms and toilets, the Queen’s room is kept unreeled and away from the news reports and cameras. Because of some security reasons, there is no exact location as to where Elizabeth’s room is present on the map of Buckingham Palace.

Some reports strongly believe that the Queen’s room is underground to protect her from any possible air-born strikes or nuclear missile attacks. Although, there is not much evidence about this.

A person who seems to sneak into her bedroom is considered to be a criminal and can be arrested, or in the worst-case scenario, the criminal can also be imprisoned for a lifetime. Even after tight security provided by the royal guards of the Queen, a 33 years old guy named “Michael Fagan” somehow managed to approach the gate of Elizabeth’s room.