Interesting facts about sex dolls that you must know


If someone is troubled by their poor sexual performance or suffers from various sexual problems, artificial virgins can help them in their unfavourable situation. And that’s not all. According to a number of experts, it is possible that the silicone sex doll also helps in the treatment of loneliness and depression from it.

Customization of Sex dolls

Have you decided to get the most sophisticated erotic toy in the form of a realistic artificial virgin? Then there is a nice creative process in front of you, which is the selection of a specific Sex Doll and designing its final form by selecting specific components. Do you like tanned brunette with blue eyes and small breasts? Or do you enjoy your sexual adventure in dreams with a sweet blonde with cat eyes? Welcome to the world of sex virgins that you can design exactly according to your most secret ideas. Your

There are many customizations, or modifications of silicone or TPE dolls. Each manufacturer offers different treatment options and combinations. We’ve put together an overview of all the most common and widespread options from which to create your dream Sex Doll. Which elements will be important to you in a particular form depends entirely on your preferences and taste.

Sex dolls are not just a masturbation product – it’s a lifestyle

For many men, a sex doll is just a dead thing you can bring up when you are cramping in your hand or just want something ‘foreign’. However, there are subcultures of men of all ages who have a completely different relationship to their sex dolls.

For these men, the sex doll is not a dead thing, but a “living” person who has his own thoughts, attitudes and mood changes. In these cases, half a body is not enough and therefore one has to invest in a sex doll that reflects an entire body, but is still produced by flashlight or nature skin, which is the true material.

However, in these cases, you can help determine what skin, hair and eye colour your doll should have as well as the length of the hair. You can also decide for yourself what body type she should have and where you want the naughty and inviting holes.