Innerwear Men Should Own


One of the most important things in a man’s wardrobe is innerwear. Although, unfortunately, men ignore their innerwear, to their enlightenment, a wrong pair has the power to ruin your day! An uncomfortable fabric and lack of support will make you unable to focus on essential things.  So do you really want that to happen?

Thus, men must give importance to choosing the right innerwear. However, it can be unclear for men to choose from so many designs, styles and types available in the market now. 

Read on further to know the different innerwear types from briefs to trunks and boxers for men And how to choose the right one for himself!

Types of Innerwear 

1- Briefs 

Briefs are one of the top picks when it comes to innerwear and are a comfort fit for everyone irrespective of their body size. Almost every man has a pair of these underwear in their wardrobe. You can wear briefs all day as it provides good overall coverage while keeping things and the sides of the legs exposed. These standard innerwear comes in a wide range of designs, rises (low, mid and high) and colours. 

Low-rise briefs are an ideal match for low-waist jeans and shorts since they enhance the pelvic region while giving you to-the-point coverage only. Briefs with a mid-rise are an ideal pick for daily wear, sports-related activities, date and formal occasions as they sit at your waist naturally.

And lastly, high-rise briefs provide comfort for formal occasions and moderate sports as they sit below the belly button.

2- Boxers 

Boxers for men are the most breathable and loose-fitting men’s innerwear. Boxers are thigh-level in terms of height and come with an average waist rise. Boxes are meant to offer you ample support and comfort. 

Boxers made of 100% cotton are the best choice for sleepwear. There are various types of boxers available in the market, meaning that there is a boxer made to fit everyone.

Additionally, these boxers are great to wear on an everyday basis. You can wear these, especially during sports and other similar events. They come in solid colours or patterns and a tailored waistline, making them ideal to be worn under all types of attire. For example, you can wear undersuit trousers, tailored dress pants, shorts and even slim jeans.

3- Trunks 

Trunks for men are a prevalent type of innerwear amongst men. It resembles both a brief and a boxer brief with short length. They are known for their square-cut appearance. 

The height of trunks can vary between mid-to-upper-thigh with a flat front. But now you can find some designs having a keyhole or extra fabric pouch for additional support. Trunks for men can be paired with almost any outfit and for any event- whether for your daily job or moderate sports event. For swimming, these trunks act as a perfect accompaniment.

Thus, the most vital criteria you must look for while choosing innerwear should be; the right fit, breathable material, and comfort. All the types mentioned above of innerwear are the most commonly used and a must-have for every man’s wardrobe. They can choose the right fit according to their body, making them comfortable while carrying out daily activities. Visit Jack & Jones and get shopping now!