Improve Productivity 3x Using Payroll Software


Most of the business owners believe that the attendance management software and payroll software are of use to the HR only. Contrary to the popular belief, a payroll software helps not just the HR, but the employer and the employee too. It has multifarious benefits. Increasing productivity, providing insightful reports, save time costs and much more. No negatives but a lot of positives, the advantages of using one are far-reaching. The software infact is capable of increasing productivity to a great extent.

In this blog, we mention the major ways in which an attendance management software and payroll software help you increase the productivity.

Raise employee morale- The key to employee happiness is timely salary credit and great work culture. However, without a payroll software, you may go wrong with the calculations which may delay the salary credit of employees. This frowns them and lows their morale. When you deploy an attendance management software with a payroll software this issue gets solved. There are no payroll calculations errors and thus no delay in salary processing. When the right amount is credited to the accounts of employees timely, their morale rises on its own.

Save time- Startups, SMEs and enterprises who do payroll processing in excel waste hours and days in maintaining, updating and doing the calculations in it. Even then the payroll ends up being erroneous. So, in order to save time, payroll software well in sync with an attendance management software is required. It automates all the necessary inputs and computes salaries and deducts taxes on its own. This clearly saves a lot of time.

Cut Costs- Payroll costs expand visibly as the company starts employing more people to get the work done. The administration cost increases and more staff is needed to get the payroll and related tasks done. Even after that, there is no assurance of accuracy and timely processing of salaries. An HR software helps you by eliminating the need to hire more people which saves costs. No errors also save the company from paying more to employees and paying just the right overtime amount to the employees.

Reduce accounting workload- It helps the company in staying compliant with all the statutory laws & policies of the government. The arrear, overtime, paid days, working hours and everything else related to the payroll calculation is done by the software which in turn reduces the accounting workload of the HR. It also avoids duplicated data entry. Had there not been any software, it would have taken a lot of time.

Equips employees- The self-service option in the HR software allows the employees to access their salary slips, documents, form 16, personal and professional information. The employees can also check the number of leaves they have availed and their leave balance and much more. This reduces the complaints and concern HRs receives on a daily basis thereby making the employee and the HR happier.

Mostly the payroll software apart from payroll and attendance module also have add-ons. Clearly, you will gain and not lose anything by investing in HR software. So, make the move today!