How to Use HUAWEI Band 5 Correctly in Mountain Climbing


For many tourists, mountain climbing is one of the main sports. It can strengthen people’s leg muscles. It will improve the body’s immunity and heart and lung ability. It helps you to have good physique. Many climbers prepare various tools before climbing. The tools include climbing sticks and electronic equipment. HUAWEI Smart Bracelet is an electronic product. It can provide climbers with a variety of exercise information. The appearance of HUAWEI Band 5 makes mountain climbing meaningful.

By mountain climbing, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery. We can do exercise. HUAWEI Band 5 will provide valuable information. This is through the intelligent technology. The appearance of HUAWEI Band 5 make mountain climbing convenient.

Wearing HUAWEI Band 5, climbers no longer need to prepare watches. The band can replace many tools. HONOR Band 5 has a large AMOLED touch display. It can make calls and communicate. It can switch the dial according to climbers’ preference.

When climbing, you only need to wear HUAWEI Band 5 on your wrist. It is like a close-fitting coach. It provides accurate sports information for climbers. When climbing the mountain, the data will be measured. It includes the number of steps, heart rate, stride frequency, climbing time. It includes calories and aerobic and anaerobic exercise results. It can customize a set of in-depth exercise plans. This is through HUAWEI Band 5. Through these data, the climber’s physical condition can be monitored. This is to ensure good results every time when climbing.

The sources of these accurate data relates to HUAWEI intelligent technology. HONOR Band 5 uses AI-driven algorithms. It is to realize high-precision reading and infrared technology. TruSeen3.0 system can monitor heart rate. So the measured data are accurate. In addition, the SpO2 monitor of HONOR Band 5 can track the oxygen saturation in blood. It can evaluate the climber’s exercise and the climber’s physical adaptation at high altitude.

HUAWEI Band 5 can stand by for up to 14 hours at a time. This is a good choice for long-term mountain climbers. If the mobile phone is misplaced, HONOR Band 5 can search for it. This is convenient. Raise your wrist to preview the news and reminders. Take selfies and photos of the beautiful scenery. This is convenient to use.

HUAWEI Band 5 is like a personal trainer. It can adjust the exercise in time. This is according to the physical condition. It can ensure good results every time of climbing. Mountain climbing is an exercise that tests endurance. Climbing to the top of the mountain will make you satisfied. Every time you climb, you can improve your willpower and physical function. If you wear HUAWEI Band 5 to monitor the data of each climbing. It will improve your passion. It can help the climber to have a healthy exercise plan.