How To Teach Men To Be Respectful To You?


One of the most debated topics in our modern society is the equality between men and women. Feminists and women’s rights’ activists try their best to convince the world that women need to be treated with the same respect as men. However, there could never be equality between men and women because there are so many differences between them. The most important ones are, of course, the biological ones: how can men be “equal” to women if they don’t give birth and they don’t have a menstrual cycle? The other differences are more subtle ones, but they all talk about one thing: we should not wish for equality, but rather for equity or justice.

Since equity is normally a term used in finance, we will replace it with justice, so you can picture the idea better. Regarding the relations and the differences between men and women, justice means giving certain advantages only to men, and others only to women, in order to ensure that everything is as correct as possible between the two genders. For example, because they can get pregnant, women get maternity leave, usually 7 or 8 months into their pregnancy, and after that they can stay home for two years, to raise the baby. Equality would mean to give men the same advantage, but there clearly is absolutely no need for that.

This was just one example, but you get the idea, there is no need to get into further details. But the most important aspect which defines women’s position towards men is the fact that they should respect themselves first. If you respect yourself, no one else can put you down because you know your true value. So, whenever you encounter a situation where you don’t feel respected by men even though you should, immediately point that out to them.

For example, if you go out on a date and the man starts talking too much, always interrupting you and wanting to share his own experience and thoughts, you have to act. Tell him something like: “You interrupted me, I’m not finished talking” or “Stop ignoring what I’m saying”. From a conversational point of view, men and women are created equally and they both should get the same time to express themselves, with no discrimination whatsoever.

Another very important aspect is, of course, sexuality. Men and women tend to view this subject differently, and women should not expect a man to think like them. However, when they cross a certain line, they must talk out loud. For example, they should say something like: “This is inappropriate”, “Leave me alone” or “You’re making me uncomfortable”. It’s perfectly acceptable to do that, and even to leave the conversation or place, if you don’t like where things are heading.

One job in which the differences between men and women are clearly visible is webcam model. If you work in a non-adult modeling agency, your job will be only to talk to members and entice them to spend as much time as possible in the conversation. For this, you have to make use of your conversational skills and to empathize with them as much as possible. These are generally women’s skills, but you also have to enter in your members’ minds, in order to foresee where the dialogue is going.