How To Stay Cheaper in The Best Hotels in Singapore


Do you have a vacation plan and want to stay at the best hotels in Singapore? If you already have a plan to go to Singapore and want a cheaper hotel price, you don’t need to worry. There are some tricks and tips to stay at the best hotel at low prices while on vacation in Singapore. Follow these tips summarized by Traveloka, and you will save much money on hotels!

Observe the Hotel Site
You can start with the basics. In order to get a cheaper hotel room price, you need to check the hotel that you want. Who knows there are hotel guests who suddenly cancel the order. Moreover, if the cancellation was made by a tour group. This means that there will be many empty hotel rooms. If the booking is canceled, the hotel will usually send this information via email to offer the room a discount and a negotiable price.

Reservation Package
The best hotel in Singapore usually offers special reservation packages for their customers. Usually, this particular order package is packaged in a very tempting promotion. From now on, you can pay attention to the special packages that are generally offered by the best hotel. Such as honeymoon packages for couples, family packages, and other packages.

Besides the price being cheaper, the hotel usually will also provide extra services, such as extra beds for families, snacks, and other extra services for the same hotel room price. If you want to celebrate a special moment, don’t hesitate to share it with the hotel. Don’t feel bad or think this will be a hassle, because the hotel will gladly help you prepare to celebrate special moments.

Take Advantage of Newsletters
The best hotels in Singapore surely have their own newsletters. You can try to register yourself to get the newsletter. It won’t cost you anything. Signing up for a newsletter is very important because you can get extra discounts. After subscribing to the newsletter, you can get information on hotel promos in advance and all things related to special offers from the best hotel. You will receive emails about hotel promo information, and you will know the promos and discounts given by the hotel faster. This offer is usually notified through a newsletter.

Book on Certain Days
Every travel destination has a peak season and a low season. Consider the time of your visit as it affects the cheapest hotel bookings. If you visit Singapore in the low season, you will have more potential to get low prices. Singapore naturally would be busier at weekends with tourists.  But in weekdays are going to be busier with business travelers. The weekend period will cost you more in hotels than during the weekdays. Perfect time can save your money.

 Last Minute Booking

Last but not least, you can try this step to get cheap hotels in Singapore. Last-minute bookings are a gamble. Sometimes it will pay off, and sometimes not. Singapore have hundreds of hotels to fill. But it doesn’t pay off if you book in peak season. You can get the best last-minute deals in the hotel booking search engines. Generally, hotels avoid empty rooms and travelers want the cheapest hotel rooms available. So last minute hotel booking is one of the good tips for those who prefer a low-price hotel room.

Booking hotels for trips sometimes consumes too much time and energy. But, with smart and beneficial innovation by Traveloka, you can get a suitable hotel for you. You can book anywhere and anytime, from the desktop, mobile application, or mobile website. Traveloka also offers special discounted hotels for flight customers, newsletter subscribers and Traveloka members. You can choose the best hotel in Singapore according to your budget with Traveloka. Happy holiday!