How to Start a Preschool Fundraiser


Preschool fundraisers don’t have to be difficult to organize. To start with you might have some questions in mind such as;

  • Why would you need to start a fundraiser?
  • How much cash do you need to raise for your preschool?
  • What preparations are needed to start?
  • How will you promote your preschool fundraiser?

In the USA, most families require both parents to have a job. This is to cope up with the increasing cost of living. With both parents at work, sending children to preschool is a way of having someone to look over for them. Additionally, while children are taken care of, they are also trained to develop important interpersonal skills. Unfortunately, sending a child to preschool will cost a fortune. This is the most common reason why many people organize or start a preschool fundraiser.

How much cash do you need to raise for your preschool fundraiser depends on how many kids will benefit from your campaign. Some parents organize on their own just for the needs of their kids. Some preschool fundraisers may sponsor a whole class. Such fundraisers need to raise a huge amount of money. Starting a fundraiser that intends to help many beneficiaries will need a ton of planning, getting more sponsors – that would take a lot of preparations to do.  For the best preschool and elementary school fundraising solutions, visit

Preparation will determine the success of any preschool fundraiser. Gathering people within your community to form a team is essential. They can be anyone from the family, friends, and neighbors who are just willing to extend a helping hand. Pick people with broad social connections – they will bring more willing sponsors for a fundraiser. Divide your team to perform specific tasks as this will help in the proper organization of the campaign. Remember, choose a leader (preferably someone who knows about fundraising) for your team.

A budget draft is also vital in the preparation phase as it will help everyone to see more clearly a view of how realistic your goals are. Another positive effect of having a budget draft is that you will attract more donors. Showing donors a budget draft will make them think that you are knowledgeable and serious about your preschool fundraiser.

Part of the preparation is to research your community. Learn about the businesses around. Check which businesses might show interest. Consider a survey – learn if people in your community would rather give cash or check outright, or if they would love to show up for a community event. Include foundation grants as they can bring in more cash for your fundraiser. Don’t limit your coverage within your local area – you may want to consider communities nearby.

Preparing a timeline for your preschool fundraiser is important. You will lose focus if you don’t set a specific deadline. Moreover, a timeline will give some sort of a sense of urgency to your team. This keeps their enthusiasm to push the campaign through.

Now let’s talk about promotion. The success of any preschool fundraiser depends on good publicity. Creativity plays an important role especially in developing materials for the preschool fundraiser. Letters are an old-fashioned way of promoting your preschool fundraiser. A general letter will help explain the full details of the campaign. For businesses, you may formulate a mini-proposal to explain your campaign in greater detail. Giving out flyers is a cost-effective way of promoting your fundraiser. Never underestimate the power of these small pieces of paper used in promotion. On a more creative side, consider using artwork, drawings, pictures or letters from the children who will benefit from the fundraising campaign.

Let’s also not overlook the power of the internet. Social media is a powerful tool in promoting almost anything – that includes your preschool fundraiser. Find someone with knowledge about graphic editing to create stunning digital images for promotion. The good thing about the use of social media is its interactive platform. Setting up a page for your fundraiser will help you post updates on the progress of the campaign. As people see how your campaign is progressing more people will be encouraged to support your cause. The power of social media sharing will definitely make the difference compared to old-school promotions. Additionally, since your campaign goes digital you will not have to bear the additional cost in print materials.

As your preschool fundraiser campaign is up and running, and funds are coming in from donors, don’t ever overlook to organize a thank-you system. Recognizing and thanking donors is a very important task. Remember, your preschool fundraiser will never succeed without the donors. Sending thank-you letters or giving out small tokens of appreciation will make your donors feel more of your sincerity.