How to spot unique items in a jewelry store


When you walk into a jewelry store, you might get overwhelmed with so many options available at your disposal. Depending on why you’re purchasing an item will determine which area of the jewelry store you head to; necklaces, rings, watches, or bracelets.

With so many common designs on the market, how do you spot a unique item in a large stack of non-unique things?

Spotting unique items at a jewelry store

Browse through each section before you go back and choose to look more in-depth –

Probably one of the most overlooked things is to browse with your eyes and let your eyes do the talking before you open your mouth and tell the jeweler which pieces you want to see.

As you scan past the glass, make a mental note of where things were that caught your eye. Then if you come back and scan the same area a second time, and it still stands out to you – ask to see it outside of the glass.

Ask if there are specific designers you had in mind –

Before heading to the jewelry store, you may have an idea in mind or a style you like by a specific designer. When at the store, ask if they carry this designer and to see their pieces. This will make the search process much faster and simpler.

If they do not carry this designer, show the jeweler photos of the pieces on your phone, so they can show you similar items they know they carry. You may end up liking a similar item that has a better price point.

Talk to the jeweler about why you want the piece –

When you speak with the jeweler about why you are looking for jewelry, they may have a few ideas in mind or ask you questions to further find out your style. Trust them, they know what they are talking about!