How to Evaluate a Used Car before Buying One?


Although a lifelong dream of many to own a car, the increasing traffic jams and high petrol prices have made purchasing a car an expensive and impractical choice. Cars go through extra wear-and-tear, require high maintenance and yet start giving trouble within a few years, As a result, the market for used cars in India is growing rapidly. Used cars are much more affordable, offer good mileage and are the economical choice. Hence, the home loan industry is offering great deals on second hand car loans to help people purchase their dream car.

However, purchasing a used car requires you to do your diligence and make sure the car is in top condition. So, be sure to check these things in a used car before making a deal.

Tip to Remember

When buying a used car, it important to check that car has not undergone heavy repair as extreme repairs are usually tell-tale signs of a car in poor condition. And while certain repairs may be necessary as part of regular maintenance, avoid buying cars with visible modifications as they are most likely done by unreliable car service centres and give no assurance or guarantee for parts.

Checking the Exteriors

Having said that, when checking the exteriors, look out for scratched, dented areas that have been repainted. While dents are pretty common in a car, discrepancies in paint colour can indicate poor quality repairs on the car owner’s part. Look for signs of rust not just on the visible areas but also under the car to make sure there’s no water damage. Check all the engine bolts as scratch marks can indicate replacement whereas a genuine factory screw fitting will be property painted and fitted.

Scan the Interiors

Once you’ve made sure that the exteriors are in perfect condition, step inside the vehicle and check the interiors by looking for irregularity in features. Check all the seats to make sure they are comfortable and even notice the condition of the seat covers. Once the eye-grabbing accessories are in place, inspect all electrical features such as the cooling of the AC, quality of the audio unit, headlight brightness, as well as electrically-operated equipment in high-end cars like side mirrors, seat adjusters, etc.  Check for flood and rust damage by inspecting for cracks on the car floor.

And there you have it, a simple yet quick guide to ensure that you do not get duped into purchasing a faulty car. Already found your dream car but require car finance to close the deal? Get in touch with NBFCs like Tata Capital which offer unsecured used car loans to help you live the life that you deserve!