How to Decorate Your Home with Natural Products



Having a touch of nature in your home lightens the mood of your home and gives it a welcoming and earthy feel.

With a little thought and smart home décor choices, you can transform your space into a unique, organic sanctuary.

Get inspired by nature’s limitless beauty while giving the rooms in your home the earthy and eco-friendly feel.

Not sure where to start? Check out this compilation of our favourite natural ideas to help you get started.

Understand your style

While one homeowner may go for the rugged, jagged outdoor feel, another may prefer the mellowed beachy vibe.

Before choosing natural elements for home décor, be sure you are clear about the kind of outdoor ambience you want to recreate in your home.

Remember, the goal. You want to use natural products to transform your home into a peaceful space where you can feel connected to nature.

Hence, by choosing natural elements that resonate perfectly with your style, you can quickly achieve this.

Swap some furniture for wicker chairs

Nothing screams “relaxing summer days” more than a couple of wicker chairs on the balcony or patios or back yard where you can lounge all day enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Wicker furniture is usually woven like baskets and can be made into a variety of different pieces like chairs, footstools, and tables.

Place them strategically in your living room or as chairs for your dining table to give that distinct earthy touch.

Incorporate greenery with Terrarium

While terrarium might sound fancy and perhaps far too complicated to set up, it is just a see-through display glass with houseplants. It can be relatively simple and easy to set up.

To make a terrarium, you will need a glass jar – be creative here and use any glass jar of your preference, shape or design.

Use rocks to fill the bottom of the container, add some activated charcoal to keep off bacteria and fungi and finally, cover the rocks with a thin layer of potting soil.

Select a houseplant of your choice, cactus or succulents are an excellent indoor plant to use — jazz up things with a couple of glass beads or figurines.

Your terrarium is now ready to be placed strategically at room corners or hung overhead.

Replace area rug with woven jute rugs

While fibre rugs are making a comeback to homes especially for eco-conscious homeowners, area rugs made from durable natural fibres like jute are homeowners favourites.

Woven jute rugs are usually made from durable dried plant fibres like flax or hemp, which makes them environmentally friendly. Incorporate the earthy brown hue of jute to create a casual natural ambience in your home.

Transform seashells into fun arty crafts

Transforming seashells into works of art is a great way to give your home an ocean-inspired look. There is so much you can do with those vacay seashell collections. Do not just put them in a bowl, think of some creative ways of displaying them.

Create a shell mosaic to hang on walls. It is a great way to break up monotonous walls with a splash of colour; not to talk about the good family bonding time you will have while creating the piece of art.

You can also string starfish and shells together to transform your seashell collections into summer garland, hang it along windows and doors to herald the sunny season.

Or simply display your collections. Show off your ocean-side treasures in a see-through, sublime glass with notes indicating where they were collected from.

Place across a table, in rooms and corners for a sophisticate, natural display.

Your options are endless as to how you can decorate your home with natural products. Have fun creating and displaying these beautiful products.