How to choose the right term plan for your financial crisis


A term plan is an insurance plan in which a person buys insurance for a specific period and pays a fixed premium for the term. If an insured person dies during the duration of the policy, his nominee will receive the sum assured. If he survives the policy term, he will not receive any maturity amount.

Insurance is an agreement made by the insurance company to provide assured coverage for actual damage, disability, illness, or death to customers in return for the payment of a fixed premium. Everyone wants an insurance plan to protect their family’s future.

Term insurance is a form of insurance plan that the insurer takes for a given period. At regular intervals, a specific amount of premium is paid in term insurance, and in return, the insurance company charges the insurer a fixed amount called policy cover. If the insured dies within the policy period, then this amount is given to the family.

Keep these things in mind when choosing a term plan

Choosing the right insurance plan starts with knowing the specific needs you have. Next, you understood what kind of coverage you are looking for. Once it is determined, you must specify the amount you are ready to pay for insurance. The policy that fits your budget and the things you want to cover should cover most of it.

People must find the right term plan to protect their financial future and their loved ones. Such policies are one of the simplest and best ways to protect family members of insured in case of any eventuality.

The term insurance policy is coined explicitly to provide life cover at a cheaper rate to the insured individual family members. These policies give extensive benefits to covered individuals. If you are planning to buy an insurance policy then you should go for the best term insurance plan for 2020. There are many insurance policies available in India. Online is the best way to determine Term plan as online platforms provide you with a summary of various insurance plans and also help in measuring the premium on your term insurance calculator.

Essential features of term insurance plans include:

  • This plan is easy to buy online and without any trouble.
  • Here the insured person may increase the life cover of the term plan according to the requirements of the standard of living.
  • The term plan also provides built-in terminal illness benefits.
  • The plan also provides a price rebate for non-smokers and women.
  • Here tax benefit is available under Section 80C of Income Tax Act 1961, but before purchasing the plan, decide based on your need.

Conclusion: Term insurance only provides cover for a few years in your life. A term plan usually gives you the option to buy riders for a nominal fee, such as critical illness covers or accident cover. Knowing how term plans operate, and how they will serve your intent, is incredibly important.