How to cheat to play Capsa Susun online


The site is one of the sites that provides the most popular games in Indonesia. And this game that has been known in several Asian regions, especially in Hong Kong, is the most popular game. Based on research experts on the Capsa Susun game, this game originated from the mainland area of ​​China. And develop one of the most widespread games at this time. In this century also the game of Capsa Susun began to be favored by the Indonesian people, especially those who enjoyed gambling games.

Way of playing the game

The capsa online game itself is played with 13 cards, after which the players will arrange a card combination with the highest value to fight other opponent cards. Capsa Susun as a whole means a game of thirteen cards arranged. This game is played by four people.

How to play this game, namely, from the 13 cards that are dealt. You have to arrange 3 levels to become the best combination arrangement. And the method of considering the winner in this game happens to be the player who becomes the winnings from the number of wins for very single level. Each level use to have a different count.

Everyone who plays this game should know the rules of playing in this game. Especially understanding card combination calculations in online capsa gambling. The combination of card scores contained in this game is the same as the card score combination found in a poker game.

How to win easily

And for that peoole who want to win easily, you can do it by cheating. The cheating method referred to in this game is by bluffing your opponent as your card has the highest value in the game.

Poker Online Capsa itself is a game by playing playing cards which later on the players will be given 13 cards which you should make as one of the best combinations for you to make as a means of running bets with your opponents in it because if you don’t have a combination it will be. better for you to run fold.