How to become a non-resident importer in Canada?



Expanding into international marketplace is a sensible business decision. You need not have any physical address (or building) in the nation where you like to explore. You can choose to become a non-resident importer (NRI) to handle all sorts of business from the comfort zone for your house. However, one thing remains, and that is you would require to keep making fair shipping bids in order to compete for loads and grow your business.

While acting as an NRI, you wish to handle all responsibilities of a businessman or importer for payment of Canadian taxes and duties. It takes time to become a qualified NRI in Canada, where you can facilitate both the importing and exporting of your goods from origin into Canada. Once your goods gets customs cleared at the borders, you’re considered as a domestic retailer, if you’ve a domestic business number. 

What is a NRI?

NRI is termed as a business registered outside of Canada where an import-related requirements and customs clearance duty for shipping in products to Canada is permitted. Americans can register for NRI via CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency). As a NRI, you can pay Canadian taxes and duties before shipment, where your customers need not pay taxes after the delivery, making you more competitive in the Canadian marketplace. Regardless of a range of fees related to exporting or importing, your consumers are charged one cost that doesn’t change. The costs that your business charges should be calculated based on the customs clearance fees, shipping price, and taxes and duties.

Importing to Canada

Whether you’re choosing to deal with Canadian or American market, the procedure is quite similar. You need to hire a trustworthy customs agent who can give you the right advice. Once you’ve them by side, the whole process becomes pretty simple. When you’re importing the products or raw materials over the border, your customs agent will be handling the process on behalf of you. You can sign a General Agency Agreement or Power of Attorney that extends the right to take actions on your firm’s behalf. A corporate certificate also should be submitted in case you choose POA method. 

Sign up for NRI program

Customs agents are experts in the field of importing and exporting and are well aware and up-to-date with the laws and regulations. Obtaining a business number for you becomes much easier for them. They can also help you to register for NRI program, which is great opportunity that lets you to act as the importer when selling goods on Canadian online websites such as and 

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