India is among the most populated countries in the world, with a population of 1.2 billion as per the stats of June 2014. The saturation of the Internet is around 20% in India, which is significantly less compared to the U.S. that has 80% net usage. However, 20% 0f 1.2 billion people come out 25 Cr. net users and are having global ranking #3 in Worldwide Internet consumer status. I am giving these stats to offer you a glimpse of just how vast our digital target market is and these numbers are only increasing with time for online businesses in India. 

My today’s article is on why digital marketing is more important in India. Learning digital marketing will give you a pool of opportunities at the professional front as a digital marketer. To enhance your current skills and abilities, you need to learn new things in the field of marketing. For this, it is necessary to join any professional digital marketing institute that provides full-fledged digital marketing training to increase your skill set. 


Essentially, digital marketing is a way to promote products, services, and brands on the internet search engines through sites, emails, and other digital ways. Digital marketing comprises of SEO (search engine optimization), sociable networking marketing, SEM (search engine optimization), email advertising, mobile marketing, content marketing, website activities, etc.


Why digital marketing?


Digital marketing is a very cost-efficient method of marketing compared to conventional marketing channels such as TV and print media. The cost of digital marketing campaigns will be a fraction of traditional marketing. 


In digital marketing tracking the results are easy and simple compared to conventional marketing channels. Numerous analytics solutions provide us with a report of the campaigns, and all these are real-time reports tracked on a daily and hourly basis, which assists you to revise strategies and your campaigns if the outcome is not up to your expectations.

Target Right Audience

Targeting the audience for your brands, goods, and services are extremely valuable in digital marketing based on age, profession, likes, dislikes, gender, location, and several other categories. Ads are revealed to only those individuals who are in search of any specific product or service like say there is a bookstore advertising popped up in SERPs to a user who is planning to buy books and searching for them. Digital marketing campaigns are inbound, which increases the chances of conversions.


Most of the traditional advertising channels are inactive and one-time production. In contrast, digital marketing is an interactive channel where customers can participate with all the brands; information could be shared efficiently. By using advanced digital marketing channels and strategies, we can also influence them to get converted into prospective clients.

Digital Revolution

One of the most important factors is the increase of electronic media platforms like websites, social media sites, etc. in the last few years. You may realize that papers and print magazine media users have decreased to a great extent. It’s a shocking fact that some of the traditional marketing methods are now out of the market. In the event you get into digital marketing, you’ll have good progress, and you’ll receive ads at a reasonable rate.

Voice Search

According to COMCAST, the voice search is going to be as prominent as 50% of total Google searches by 2020. So, we need to prepare our websites to be optimized with Voice search. We need to focus on the plans required for voice SEO.

Last Words

Digital marketing is much new in comparison with traditional advertising channels. Still, if it is implemented strategically, we could get far better ROI to the marketing campaigns since internet saturation and digital media usage is growing in India.  Digital marketing is an excellent method to influence your target audience right into paying clients.