How Does A CDN Help In Improving Website Performance?


We live in times when websites are expected to be fast and perform optimally at all times. Online users have a low tolerance to sites that have performance issues and tend to look at options if they face regular problems with a website. 

As a site owner, you ensure that you buy the right website hosting service to ensure that your site performs optimally. Cloud Hosting has evolved as a preferred hosting service offering high-performing websites. With many websites opting for a Cloud Hosting service, site owners have started looking for different ways to further boost the performance of their sites. 

One such way is using a Content Delivery Network or CDN. In this article, we will talk about how a CDN improves site performance.

What is Cloud Hosting?

In Cloud Hosting, your website resides on a shared server, while the website data is hosted on a cloud storage network by the Cloud Hosting provider. This distinct architecture of Cloud Web Hosting ensures reliability and security due to the high uptime, advanced data redundancy and data protection.

CDN or Content Delivery Network

In a Content Delivery Network, an interconnected group of servers allows you to offer a high-speed website to visitors regardless of their location. In a CDN, your site’s data is replicated across all the servers in the network. When a user visits your site, the server closest to him steps in and manages the request. This reduces lag and boosts the speed and performance of the site. 

How does a CDN boost site performance?

A Cloud Hosting service is known to allow sites to perform at their optimal best. However, using a CDN with Cloud Hosting takes them one step further. Here are some benefits offered by a CDN:

1. Reduced Server Load

If you look at the movement of online traffic, you will observe that social media platforms and search engines are the primary drivers of traffic. Hence, there can be times when hundreds of users try to access your site at the same time. This can cause your site to slow down or even crash, especially if you don’t have adequate resources. Since a CDN replicates your site’s data across servers on its network, one server is never overloaded. Hence, you can handle traffic spikes efficiently due to reduced server load.

2. Faster-loading websites

Talking about site experience, page loading time is an important aspect. There are many ways to boost the speed and performance of a site. Of these, a CDN is one of the most effective ones. Since the server closest to the user processes the user’s request, it reduces lag and boosts the loading time.

3. Helps in creating targeted content boosting site performance

Since a CDN is a network of servers spread across the globe, by analyzing which server was called into action more frequently, you can estimate the location from where your site is being accessed the most. It also offers insights into the site assets that are accessed more frequently and helps you create content targeted towards maximum users.

The following video explains the performance benefits of adopting a CDN for your website:

5 Performance Benefits Of CDN For Your Website

Summing Up

As you can see, a CDN is structured to help boost the performance of websites. Coupled with the right web hosting plan, your site can perform at its optimal capacity and improve user engagement. If you are opting for a Cloud Hosting plan, talk to the Cloud Host and ask if he offers a CDN. Good Luck!