How Can You Land Your Dream Job In Your Dream Company?


Finding a job is not a nightmare anymore but when you think about your dream job, then comes the tough part because to get hired by your dream company, you need to follow some techniques religiously so that the job lands straight into your kitty.

How to approach your dream job?

  • Doing your homework properly is very important and this also uplifts your chances of being selected after the interview. Find out about the company’s motto and mission a this will help you to understand if the mission statement of the company is in sync with your thoughts. This will also give you added confidence during the interview. You might as well need to go through some reading materials pertaining to the company. This includes the company website, PR, articles, and press releases in various industry publications. You might as well find it useful to interact with an old employee of the company to get a better insight into the company. You might as well approach the hiring manager of the company on LinkedIn. After completing your research, think about how to place yourself as a promising employee who can contribute potentially to the growth of the company.
  • Be active, because sitting idle or passive wouldn’t help you much. You must let the hiring managers of the company know who you are and what are you looking for. Companies nowadays prefer to hire aggressive and dynamic employees who wouldn’t slacken with decision making. Supposedly, if you have heard of an opening in the company and want to join them, you would probably learn about the executives who are hiring for the particular position and drop them an email to let them know that you are interested in their opening. If you establish contact on your own accord, then your chances of getting hired increases.
  • Social media is another potential platform that you can use to network with the ones inside the company. This will help you create a rapport with the employees and clients of your dream company. Even if you want them to act as your reference, you will need to build a relationship with them first. With social media, building professional rapport becomes easy. 

Staying associated with recruitment agencies like Hunt recruiting agency can also help you to locate better job opportunities as per your skills and qualifications.