Highly experienced professional removalist in Hobart 


Removing your entire household or office to a new location within the same city or another city within the country or abroad should always be entrusted to trust packers and movers to avoid problems.Hobart is the capital of Tasmania, an island located off the Australian mainland. If you want a professional removalist to move your goods to and from Hobart, then Bells Removals is an appropriate choice for you. So whenever you are moving to or from Melbourne? Get your interstate removal quote from Bells Removals. With 3 generations of experience moving families across Australia. This is a professional packers and movers in Hobart offering local, interstate and international removals. 

Packing Service 

The packing experts of the company arrive a day before removal to pack the household or office goods. However, extra days may be required in case of large volumes of goods. The consultant deployed by the company assesses the sizes and types of guides in the pre-move survey and determines the most suitable packaging materials for the goods in consultation with the clients. There is no need for the customer to look for packing materials because the packing team of the company arrives with the same.

Crates, cartons, bubble wraps, thermocols, tapes and other packing materials as per the goods are used for packing. Special kinds of packing are done for delicate and oversized items to provide extra protection against damage. The goods are packed in cartons and crates of appropriate sizes which are labelled and marked with the names of the contents and the rooms from which they came from.

The whole packing process is completed in a highly professional manner which makes the process extremely simple for the customers.

Type of goods 

Bells Removals specialise in packing and moving both household and office goods. All kinds of household items such as beds, cupboards, cabinetry, televisions, sofas, dining table, clothes, crockery and glassware, decorative pieces, etc. are removed from one location to another. Office items such as workstations, conference table, chairs, files and expensive electronic gadgets including sensitive IT equipment are packed and transported securely. 

The company also specialises in packing and transporting valuable antique items securely. Piano removal is another specialised service offered by the company. Pianos of all sizes including giant pianos are removed using special equipment including crane if required. 

Pet removal is offered through association with livestock companies. All the formalities required for transporting animals are managed by the company. The mandatory exercises such as vaccination, blood testing, de-worming and quarantine are completed by the company. 


Storage is provided in warehouses for both short and long terms. Large volumes of goods are stored in containers for short durations while lesser volumes of goods are stored in modules for long periods of time such as 6 months or more.

Other Services 

Cleaning services for homes and offices after the goods have been removed are also offered by the company. Cleaners are arranged for vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, bathroom cleaning, garage cleaning, window cleaning, etc. 

Bells also help in obtaining insurance coverage for the goods of their clients in transit or storage. The company is a licensed insurance broker and can present many types of insurance policies for the customers to select. However, there is no compulsion and the customeris at liberty to obtain the policy from a company of their choosing.


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