Handy Examines How to Choose A Domain Extension for Your Small Business



If you look at the numbers, “.com” still leads as the most popular and widely used domain name extension. However, that also means that most domain names with that extension are already claimed and you may have to shell out a lot of cash for the right one. According to Handy, an easy way around that is to get creative both on the left and right sides of the dot. Here’s how you can choose a domain extension for your small business:

The Options

  1. Innovate with “.tech” – If technology and all things tech are what your business is about, then you should absolutely go with “.tech”. Irrespective of your quirky website domain name, the extension immediately informs you visitors about your industry. It instantly creates a unique identity for your blog in the visitor’s mind. Moreover, some of the great technology conventions like Consumer Electronics Show(www.ces.tech), which has both brands and consumers hyped up, have .tech as their extension. What’s stopping you?
  1. Retail with “.store” – If you are in the retail business or sell products online at your website, then “.store” is an appropriate extension for your website. The extension makes your visitor or anyone who isn’t familiar with your website realize what your website is all about. Viewers connect the extension with your website and readily associate it with your business niche. As an example, when you see www.emirates.store, you know the website sells Emirates merchandise without even opening it.
  1. Possibilities with “.space” – Unironically, just like outer space, you can build a website without any limitations when you buy the domain name with the extension of “.space”. It can be used for real estate, creative people, and a bunch of other businesses and professionals. For instance, if your website talks about neuroscience or other things involving the mind, consider, “mind.space” or “thoughts.space”. For writers, you may consider, “JohnsWriting.space” or “Emilys.space”. With a session of brainstorming, you can come up with plenty of amazing domain names with “.space”.
  1. Laugh with “fun” – Whether it is humor or other feel-good entertainment, your audience would love to visit your “.fun” domain. You may want to create a website with comedy sketches, humorous stories, or want a bunch of memes on the homepage. A “.fun” domain extension for an anime website prepares your audience for that kind of content even if it isn’t given away by your domain name.
  1. Blend in with “.online” – A few domain names are universal in nature and “.online” takes the top spot. You can have all sorts of websites with a “.online” extension. It may be used for individual freelancers or small businesses who want to leave a footprint in the online space.


Handy believes that you should consider all your options carefully and choose one of the above domain names if you can’t grab a “.com”. Websites with “.com” at the end, would always rank higher on the search engines with less effort.