Gold the ultimate safety net


People have various reasons for wanting to buy gold bars. Most commonly people invest in gold bars because they are the most secure assets in good and bad time. We have been buying gold bars because it offers better protection than fiat currencies. Since World War II, people have witnessed and felt the fragility of paper currency. Currencies across the globe have been weakened by different things over the years, the factors that weaken currencies can bolster the strength of gold. This precious metal will always retain its value because of its scarcity. Gold has retained its purchasing power for over a long time and will continue to do so for years to come. 

According to the World Gold Council (WGC), the market size for gold is bigger than a variety of other markets including markets like hang Sang, German bunds, FTSE100 and French OATs amongst others. 

It is easier to liquidate gold assets than it is to liquidate other assets and bonds. In case of the later, you probably would have to wait for a hedge fund manager or a banking associate to put a transaction through. This can be a frustratingly time consuming and inconvenient. With gold you won’t have to wait for other people to facilitate the process. You can find gold buyers Australia wide who will not have you jumping over hoops or getting around red tape. When you have gold in your investment portfolio you are in control. 

Gold is very liquid and traded worldwide. It can be easily converted to cash virtually anywhere.  This precious metal has no border constraints. Gold has no expiration date, you can hold on to it for decades. Gold is respected everywhere and worth a lot even at the furthest reaches of the world. There are few symbols of wealth that are that economically transcendent. You can find gold buyers Australia wide that buy and sell gold products throughout Australia. 

What is your gold bullion bar worth? 

Gold bullion bars are made of the finenest gold. 99.9% to be exact. When pricing gold per gram, the bigger the bar, the more valuable it is. Small gold bars cost more to produce so their premiums are higher. Smaller bars are easier to move and easier to mail compared to large gold bullion bars. Larger gold bars like 1kg gold bars cost more when you buy but they are cumbersome when you need to sell because you would have to sell the entire bar even if you needed the equivalent of a fraction of that bar. You would be better off if you had 10 x 100g kg = 1kilo.This way you can sell each of the 100g. The divisibility is quite useful.

When selling gold bar does the brand on your bars matter? You will have noticed that some brands cost more than others. For instance, Umicore tends to be pricier than the PAMP brand however, when you sell, the brand name tends to be less important. Instead, what matters the most is the current price of gold.