Give Sasquash Rosins a try


By now, people who are into rosin and pressing dabs are already familiar with what these are. If you know these, you must know what sasquash are. Sasquash press rosin were invested back in 2016 and has been popular ever since then. Not only does this press prove to be helpful for beginners but also for the professionals. These rosin presses eventually are proving to be helpful in extracting the right juice.

The cannabis industry is an ever-evolving one. While many countries have still not legalized cannabis some surely have. As a result, with the legalization of cannabis, the popularity of the products are coming into prominence too. With the rise in popularity of the cannabis, the Sasquash rosin extractors are gaining popularity too. The company however is becoming extremely famous for its top quality service.

Sasquash M1

The Sasquash M1 is the latest launched model and is better than its contemporaries. This newly designed and launched model is capable of more than the previous models. It is for this reason that more people are preferring this over the other models. It comes with a new compact look. The front design makes it easily accessible. If you are in the learning phase, then these Sasquash presses will teach you a lot of things.

Using these presses, you can be sure to get maximum results. The company has customised the model in such a way that you are bound to get extra. One major benefit of this model is that it can be easily carried from one place to another. Moreover, the setup is light as well.

This Sasquash press is available in the market in different sizes. You should however purchase one that suits your needs. Although it is compact, it is extremely powerful.

The Sasquash V2

The Sasquash V2 is yet another great addition to the rising presses. The machine is 15 ton but can produce up to 30,000 lbs of pressing power. This however does not allow only for rosin but others as well. The control system in the Sasquash V2 has been so designed that it matches the system better than others.

The V2 model is available with a wide range of models such as manual hand pump, pneumatic foot pump and other additions. These additions can however help in enhancing the efficiency and use of the system. You may get in touch with experts to purchase the most convenient and rosin press for long run.