Game Booster Options for You Now


Game Booster is the software option that aims to earn the respect of the Gamers. The aim of Game Booster is to increase PC performance before starting an online or offline game, by disabling non-essential services.

Game Booster is compatible with Windows 7, it is User Friendly, it is simple to use and improves the gaming experience by disabling unnecessary services, consequently reducing the consumption of Ram, CPU and increasing PC performance. 

But what is Game Booster?

It is a simple utility that does not perform any overclocking, it only closes the unnecessary processes in the background before starting a game, so as to have the best possible performance. Game Booster is 100% freeware, has no viruses, adware and spyware and is produced by Iobit, a company specialized in defrag and security software.

As you can see from the screenshot inserted above, the software is localized in Italian and is simple to use, you need to click on Switch to game mode so that it “switches off unnecessary services”. Next step will be to “dive” for example into a relaxing online Call of Duty campaign, knowing now that our PC can give its best, as “half of the useless services to the game” are off. 

And the resume?

No problem, at the end of the gruelling online campaign you will have to press the “Return to Normal Mode” button to re-enable the PC services and start working again. 

The emergence of the internet has brought vertiginous changes in the way we carry out our lives, in how we interact with our surroundings and also in how we have fun.

A few years ago it was unthinkable that two people or more would come together through a screen to have fun, challenging opponents on the other side of the world today is a reality.

Without investing a lot of time and money you can have fun and even take advantage of it, today large online betting houses offer juicy profits just by connecting. An important segment of the population also invests time in watching videos of how to play online.

The Games and the Booster

The FIFA series, although it seemed a classic, in 2018 has managed to sell more than 250 thousand copies, making it the best-selling sports game of the year. Although it does not have a free version, experts ensure hours of fun, not only because the world’s greatest teams and players are reflected in the game, but because it can challenge people in another continent or your own friends. 

TFT, is a multiplayer battle game, based on the movie Battle Royale, allows several players to fight to be the last and achieve victory on a surface (map) that is reduced over time. Although this is very similar to Fornite, this is superior, since it is already listed as the best-selling of all time. You can now get rank elo boost from teamfight tactics experts.

Dota 2 which means “defence of the ancients”, unlike other similar ones, this is a game that never ends, where you can constantly improve your player, buying equipment during missions. Dota is characteristic of what gamers look for in MOBA Multiplayer games on line battle arena. It is important to note that this game is a mode of the famous Warcraft. 

As you can see, online games are with everything, and from ladies on their mobile, to gamers, nobody escapes the fashion that thanks to the internet has allowed us to approach countless entertainment possibilities.