Five Effective Puppy Training Tips


To have a well-behaved and socialized dog is easy if you start to train them when they’re a puppy. Below are 5 tips on how to train your dog.

Take a Dog Training Class

A dog training workshop will be a wonderful way to learn how to train your dog.   A dog training workshop is a perfect way to get feedback and see what methods and tactics can help you train your dog properly.

Use Puppy Treats

To start training your puppy with a crate, introduce the crate by holding the door open and putting the treats inside for your puppy to find. Let your dog examine the crate without closing the door and offer them a couple more treats for staying inside. Continue this  step until your dog reaches their crate without hesitating.

Speak Properly

When teaching your dog the essential basic signals, make sure the tone of your voice is friendly, confident and motivating. If you show frustration or stubbornness, those emotions can make it more difficult for them to learn.

Keep Training Short

Puppies don’t have very long attention span, so keep your puppy training sessions brief. Practice one command for five minutes at a time, and again later when you have chances outside the training sessions. Your dog can only do one thing at a time, so focus on one skill and move on once they have mastered it. You should always finish your training on a positive note, so that your pet is excited about his next lesson.


Try to make sure everybody gets a turn to play with your dog, so that your dog listens to other family members as well. This will help you and your dog when you are not around.

Training your puppy lets you create a beautiful relationship between the two of you so enjoy every moment. Good luck, and have some fun!