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Are you anxious? Do you feel overwhelmed by your emotions? Where does this anxiety come from? How to overcome it?This is what you will discover here, after taking stock of this crucial fact, anxiety is normal. It is there toeveryone, to some extent, at some point in their life experiences anxiety. But sometimes anxiety comes over you, as if it is overwhelming you. This is where it becomes a source of problems. The anxiety therapy sheffield can actually offer the best choices.

By reading this article, you will learn:

  • How to recognize the signs of anxiety.
  • Differentiate anxiety from stress and anxiety.
  • If you are a hypersensitive person.
  • When to seek help to overcome your anxiety.
  • And 5 formidable techniques to manage your anxiety on a daily basis.

These 5 techniques are inspired by Paul Wilson’s “Great Book of Calmness”, a book that has already helped thousands of people to feel peaceful in difficult times in their lives. The last technique is arguably the most amazing of all, but it just might be the most effective.

What is anxiety?

Stress: this word is on everyone’s lips. But, what if, this time, it was anxiety that it was?

To approach the concept of anxiety, take off your everyday glasses, take a fresh look.

What if anxiety isn’t inherently negative?

Like all the emotions that we feel, pleasant or unpleasant, anxiety has a message for you. Rather than pulling on the messenger and resenting anxiety for the unpleasant sensations it gives you, why not try to listen to it?

For anxiety, it’s all about the dosage. The right anxiety, the right amount of anxiety, allows you to be careful, to realize the dangers, risks and potential problems. A very useful ally on a daily basis. But at too high a dose, it is harmful. We then speak of anxiety disorders. The trouble is, your brain will do everything to convince you that you are right to be anxious. Because this anxiety gives you an illusion of control over your environment and its supposed dangers.

What to do about this anxiety? How to manage it?

Here you will learn simple and practical tips for building a life with anxiety levels under control. And in the case of too much anxiety, it is important to be accompanied to overcome the psychological mechanisms that are at work.

Anxiety in varying degrees

Anxiety, anxiety disorder and anxious personality

If their root is common, their impact is different. Three things must be distinguished.

  • Anxiety is a normal emotion.
  • When it is too important, we speak of anxiety disorders or generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).
  • And finally it can also be a character trait: some people are more anxious than others. These people tend to always plan for the worst, consciously or not.

Anxiety, fear, stress or anguish?

These terms are very similar, yet they describe different concepts.

Anxiety and fear

Fear is a basic, often strong, emotion felt in the presence of relatively immediate danger.Anxiety, on the other hand, is a more diffuse feeling with a cause that is often difficult to identify.