Fine Solutions for the ladder Accessories


Among the most important features of a ladder, the one that allows those who use it to reach work points placed at heights that are difficult to reach stands out. Depending on the type of work you will have to do, and the height to be achieved, you can choose between various types:

Ladders for works up to 4 meters: 

This type of height usually includes small renovations or domestic maintenance. Much appreciated also in the hobby field, ladders for work up to 4 meters can also be used for painting interventions both indoors and outdoors. Usually the most used categories for works on limited heights are the support ladder and the multifunction jointed ladder. These types of ladders are in fact extremely practical and functional. Light and with the smallest footprint, they can also be stored in a closet after use. For the Best ladder accessories this is important.

Ladders for works up to 5 meters: 

Very often it is essential to reach points placed at heights difficult to reach with simple domestic ladders. Ladders suitable for interventions up to 5 meters high are therefore indispensable for targeted interventions such as cleaning gutters or maintenance of medium-sized hedges or shrubs . The preferred type of ladders for these works is the agricultural ladders, the double ladders or the extension ladders.

Ladders for work over 5 meters:

The ladders that fall into this category are particularly useful for working both in the professional and agricultural fields. In fact, over 5 meters it is necessary to use special ladders, designed to allow you to work comfortably and in complete safety. 

  • Very useful on construction sites, where it is necessary to reach work points located very high such as attics or floors. 
  • This type also includes painting, extraordinary roof maintenance and pruning or fruit picking. 
  • The agricultural ladder, for example, perfect for working beyond 5 meters, allows you to reach even impervious points between the branches.
  • Among the types of work ladders for interventions over 5 meters, it is possible to choose the safety offered by the bunk ladder, or opt for the extension ladder or the telescopic ladder.

The telescopic ladder combines ease of use for regular work at height: it is the perfect compromise between ease of use, safety and price. At first, it allows easy storage because it measures only about 75 cm when folded (depending on the model). Then, its low weight facilitates transport. Indeed, a telescopic ladder weighs around less than 10 kg, barely more than a pack of water. This maneuverability makes it easy to transport the ladder and store it in simple places such as the trunk of a car. With the ladder accessories you can find the best choices.

During use, the telescopic ladder proves to be very effective because it can unfold up to 3 meters in height and can support up to 150 kg, in accordance with the standards in force. Thus, thanks to this aluminum ladder, it is possible to carry out many works with real ease in the implementation and use.