Few Things to Know About Black Pearls


Black pearl is a very exotic variety of pearls that are harvested in freshwater and considered as an exclusive one because of its beauty and elegance. Comparatively these pearls are a new variety and became popular during mid-1900s.

These black pearls are also called Tahitian pearls as primarily they are cultivated in French Polynesia near Tahiti.

Usually, they are not perfectly black but vary between charcoal grey to iridescent peacock to regal greens and deep black. Due to their varied color ranges, you need to choose them out of thousands of pearls to make jewelry.

Why these pearls are unique?

These pearls are created when black lipped oyster called Pinctada margaritifera starts secreting dark colored nacre.

Also, sometimes black pearls are formed in the oyster that usually produce white pearl, however that can happen one in ten thousand pearls.

Usually black pearls are varying in size from 8mm to 16mm.

Certain myths about black pearl

There are always certain mystery and magic associated with black pearls. Some people believe that it can protect from evil eye while some others believe that it has certain healing power and offer good fortune.

Chinese believe these pearls are head of dragon which is considered as quite wise.

As per Sinhalese myth, Adam and Eve had shed tears that created pearl. Adam tears were black pearls while Eve’s tears were white pearls. As men cry less and hence black pearls are rare.

As per Polynesians, their god of peace Oro visited earth and gave these pearls to Princess Bora Bora which was symbol of love.

How to wear these pearls?

It is difficult to match your regular dress with such black colored pearls due to both their size and luster. You need to have a special outfit especially designed for such pearls.

Many people often match such pearls with their office formals. Often ladies wear pendant by using black pearl and also a matching earring.

A single strand necklace with black pearl can very well complement with certain black colored dress like blazer or skirt.

You can also get bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings at a very affordable price from jewelry shops.