Everything You Should Know About Floor Mats


Tapetes de caucho can be made from a wide variety of materials. Their design varies in color and with various patterns. To individual wishes, to transform them into a unique piece.

Here are many tips for buying such a mat and what else you should know.

Which Different Floor Mats Are There

The following types of floor mats are to be distinguished for the purchase.

Outdoor: As a rule, the tapetes para negocio should be placed outside the front door. Anyone who wants to come in first wears his shoes off. Thus, the majority of dirt and moisture remain outside. An outdoor doormat has to be especially robust. Not every material is eligible for this.

Indoor: It happens that you cannot or do not want to layout a doormat in front of the entrance. In such cases, or as a supplement to the outdoor doormat, put one more indoors.

Mudguard: If it’s a very large doormat, it’s more of a runner. A few meters of deployed fibers are used to clean the shoes by themselves. No active stripping is necessary here: Such tapetes de hule is suitable for buildings with a lot of traffic, for example, for hotels, government agencies, or the church.

Funny: No matter if it’s inside or outside, a doormat does not have to look monotonous. It can be provided with funny motives or a saying. In this way, it conjures a smile directly to your guests – even before they arrive in your home.

Car: A special form represents car doormat. Their shape must be adapted to the respective model. It can be made of synthetic fibers, aluminum, and other materials. It keeps the footwell clean and reduces its wear. Further differences arise from the materials used.