Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs Can Help Restore Your Life


Addiction treatment: First steps, types, and medications

An overwhelming dependence on substances can undermine your academic pursuits, your career goals and your relationships. Treatment programs are available to help you to manage your addiction, so you can rebuild a healthy and stable life. A Charleston drug and alcohol addiction treatment center can help you to get your life back on the right track.

Underlying Problems That May Be Involved in Addiction

Research indicates many factors involved in alcohol and drug addiction. Genetic factors may be part of the overall picture. Sociological pressures can influence substance abuse. Family issues, such as having a relative who has substance abuse problems can increase the risk for addiction. If you have been through a traumatic event, you may seek to manage the emotional fallout by using drugs or alcohol. Mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other conditions can cause individual to use drugs or alcohol to manage their symptoms. Uncovering these underlying problems can be an important part of treating the addiction.

Signs You Need Treatment

A few drinks or occasional, recreational drug use can quickly turn into a serious addiction. You may find yourself constantly thinking about drugs or alcohol or spending a great deal of time acquiring the substances. You may lose a job, a relationship or get into legal problems because of your substance use. You may want to quit, but may but unable to do so, even when negative consequences result. You may experience withdrawal symptoms of joint pain, diarrhea, nausea, chills or other effects when you try to quit. These are signs the addiction has taken hold of your life, and treatment is needed to help you overcome the problem.

Treatment Programs Use A Variety of Treatment Modalities

An effective drug or alcohol treatment program must take the individual’s needs into consideration. If there is an underlying mental health problem, it needs to receive treatment, so that the addiction treatment can be effective. Your addiction counselor will design a program that’s right for you. Both individual and group counseling may be used to help resolve these issues. Cognitive behavioral therapy can be helpful in changing negative thought patterns that often lead individuals into addiction. Family counseling can helpful in improving relationship dynamics, to support sobriety more effectively.

Make the Decision To Change Your Life By Entering A Treatment Program

Addiction counselors are trained to identify your individual needs in treatment. Today’s treatment programs offer a variety of therapies to help you to deal with underlying issues involved in addiction. The decision to get your life back on the right path is in your hands. Contact a Charleston drug and alcohol addiction treatment center today to begin the journey back to normalcy.