Driving Safely In Winter


In York, where the weather can often be unpredictable, it’s crucial to be prepared for adverse weather conditions that may affect your vehicle and driving, especially when you need to book a taxi.

  • See And Be Seen. This maximum road safety takes special importance in winter. We must keep the lighting and signaling system clean and in perfect condition. This will help you spot speed bumps and avoid cable protector ramp.
  • Cleaning And Defrosting The Crystals. In addition to the outside, we must keep the windows clean inside. When the crystals fog, if we dry them with a cloth, it will cost us more to leave them spotless.The best way to defog the crystals is to use the air conditioner. Although it may seem a contradiction, the system removes moisture from the air, which allows them to dry faster than if we use the heating. If hot air is used, it must be directed towards the crystals at the maximum possible power.
  • Wiper. With the passage of time and sudden changes in temperature, the rubber ages or breaks down and becomes more rigid, which does not drag the water well. If it makes noise or leaves traces on the glass, it is time to change the windshield wipers. For them to last longer, we must be careful, such as not leaving them in contact with the glass if it is expected to freeze or snow.
  • Tires. It is not wrong to remember again that in vehicles up to 3,500 kg of Maximum Authorized Mass, the drawing of the tires must have a minimum depth of 1.6 mm. This is the minimum legal measure, and, conveniently, it is much deeper, especially in winter, when we can find water on the pavement. When the amount of water is higher than what the slots in the drawing can dislodge, it gets between the sidewalk and the tire a film of water that makes the vehicle float, losing control of the vehicle.