Dillon Kivo as a Source of Motivation of Young Entrepreneurs on their Journey in Business


Young generations are not just fond of hanging out and party everywhere. They are more likely to be engaged in business venturing just to have the money for their needs and wants. Eventually, some of them are now successful, and one of them is Dillon Kivo. For him, time is gold. We should not waste any single moment for it will not be the same again. Since he still a child he dreamt of becoming a successful businessman someday.

Well, because of his hard work and dedication to his doing, he is now the founder and  CEO of MentionWorth and the editor-in-chief at Kivo Daily Magazine.

Curious about how Dillon Kivo reached his success at an early age. Wondering what he attracts more young generations because of his success story. Because of his impact on people he got so much publicity as well as inspiration towards people. This happens because of his ‘baby’ business mind instead of playing and enjoying his childhood he was with his venture by his lemonade stand and RTW shirt business. This was also his way of helping the homeless individual in their community. Imagine at an early age he already had a business not just to earn money but to help.

As of today, Dillon Kivo is considered to be one of the successful young entrepreneurs, he is a member of the prestigious Forbes Young Entrepreneur Council. A mentor on how to build and manage a business especially those who want to follow his footsteps. He aspires the youth through his words—his experiences. Actually, it is not only the younger ones that seek his expertise but also the big time personalities such as celebrities, business executives, and company leaders. He got a huge impact on everyone. Since he is the editor-in-chief of Kivo Daily Magazines he features the story of his client to gain publicity as well as to help them advertise their product or service.

Dillon Kivo suggested the starter entrepreneurs in order the business to grow they should first move out from their safe zone and be a risk-taker and they should think out of the box to make their dream a reality. Because if not then the efforts and time will just put into waste. Embrace everything so that success will be possible for you. Because we are aware that in business it is not always earning there would be a time that you get to have problems concerning your patience and dedication on your business to pursue your goal. Always willing to do more because that is the business requirement to attain success.

He also emphasized that this journey is not going to be easy it will always beyond your hard work, perseverance, and positivity despite the problem. Business needs your money, effort and time to make it grow. Or else you will be ending up building others. If you want to be like Dillon Kivo then plan and then materialize that plan immediately. Thinking then acting on it is the common things that he emphasizes to every starter.