Corporate real estate occupiers are expanding offices in Bangalore, how? 


Currently, a most demanding property operators company operated a research on mid-sized corporate real estate occupiers when the period was June-July 2015, and collected the response of leading corporate industries headquartered in Hyderabad, India and overseas. The research report shows that, corporate real estate occupiers look to be extremely aggressive into occupying office spaces across India. 

Virtually, the survey highlighted to the option of work space being successfully driven by the three main objectives: they’re talent (availability and cost), infrastructure (Social and physical) and Real Estate choices. This has to be showed that the survey respondents included the corporates based across various firms and the representatives of typical Indian office space occupiers. 

So, here are some following points which help to find out top best coworking spaces in Bangalore that you can include your research strategy: 

  • The leading corporate space occupiers continued to occupy the core areas and central company district of important cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and other. The study also explored the preference of the respondents across different occupation choices and the solution indicated that, almost about 75% of the respondents interested to lease, pre-lease or buys the space under the prime areas of the cities. 
  • The corporate occupiers in India are more similarly to hire the workplace techniques. The survey even revealed that the occupiers are being quite efficient and are more inclined to access the efficient techniques, with lot of corporates really liking to adopt open space workplace forms. 
  • The result indicated that, lot of IT/ITES industries (almost about 70%) of the respondents are more likely to spread their process in Bangalore while the ecommerce and media firms chose low-cost shared office space to expand in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi NCR in the next two years. 
  • IT or ITES firms are planning to spread their process across major cities in southern area of India. The respondents of other point departments like ecommerce firms, heath care and others preferred Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Noida for their future expansions. 
  • It’s desired that the headcount of corporate offices would grow into the next two years as most of the respondents look like to be extremely aggressive on expanding their operations in India. Almost 80% of the respondents from the departments such as IT/ITES, consulting, research, ecommerce are wondering to grow the staff headcount into the next two years. 

There are so many respondents convenient with the corporate real estate strategies of spreading their operations within the existing markets.