Common Swimming Pool Repairs to Consider


Swimming pool addition to any home offers great enjoyment to the family. Besides installation, they need regular maintenance and repair to deliver the expected lifespan. Homeowners can naturally feel anxious about swimming pool repair cost. 

The cost of hiring San Diego pool repair services will depend on the factors like pool type, size, and severity of the issue that needs fixing. According to the study, the average pool repair cost is minimal of $560 [ranges within $250 – $890].

Having a pool is a luxury investment for any home, but routine maintenance, cleaning, and repairs are often necessary. It is normal for a swimming pool to experience wear and tear. Pools are of two types – in-ground and above-ground swimming pools. 

What pool repairs are needed?

  1. In-ground pool repairs

The pools are embedded within a huge hole using concrete and some are lined with thin vinyl or fiberglass liner. A hole is dug and filled with proper material. 

Vinyl pool liners

Vinyl liners are smooth, non-porous, algae-resistant, and affordable. Common repair issues with vinyl pool liner are –

  • Tears, snags, and rips 
  • Popped bead on the edge of the pool
  • Sun & aging

Fiberglass pool liners

Fiberglass is mold-resistant and stronger than vinyl liners. The repairs are relatively less. However, when the cracks, dings, or scratches are addressed the whole liner needs to be resurfaced. Common issues of fiberglass liners are –

  • Spider cracks [due to improper construction]
  • Bulging walls [because of incorrect backfill]
  • Fading color
  • Plumbing leaks 

Concrete and Gunite pools

Concrete pools are constructed onsite, where a pit is dug. A sand and cement mixture are poured in wooden forms to construct the walls. It is a labor-intensive task. The difference between concrete and gunite pool is that the latter has a steel rod framework on which sand and cement mixture is poured. 

Common pool repairs are –

  • Cracks
  • Hollow spots
  • Popping up
  • Pool plumbing leaks

Finding and repairing leaks can be challenging. In several cases, leaks are obvious, but at times you will need to keep an eye on water movements or use food dye to get an idea of water direction or dive inside wearing goggles to check for abnormalities. 

Small leaks are easily fixed using a patch kit. Call professionals from Cherry pool services, when leaks cannot be identified. When you look for leaks ensure to keep pool totally free from toys or debris floating. The water has to be clean and clear by best pressure side pool cleaner

  1. Above-ground pool repairs

Above-ground swimming pool repairs are less expensive. Even the total pool replacement will not be anywhere near the in-ground buildup cost. 

Common repairs include –

  • Pool liner – Liners are prone to leak. It can be identified, when you see water leakage on the ground or the pool will not fill completely. 
  • Collapsing walls – The pool is built on a framework, which gets damaged due to age and natural calamities. 

If any maintenance or repair issue gets ignored, then be prepared to spend on a complete replacement. It means if you cringe on spending a small amount as soon as issues get detected you will have to incur more because the problem will escalate. Be wise, and call professional pool repair services as soon as possible!