Common recording errors

  1. Don’t record in a hasty manner

You can’t afford to cave under pressure. It may work for some but can prove to be disastrous for others. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

  1. Position

Acoustics plays an integral role in the consolidation of musical competence. You may want to check different positions in the room to decide which spot works best.

  1. Loud music

The present generation has a fervent desire to crank up the volume, as evidenced in clubs and discotheques. Yes, it is an exhilarating feeling but if you’re planning on making music your long-term career, then take the necessary precautions to protect your most valuable possession, your ears! Playing loud music is a common mistake made by amateurs in an effort to sound exciting but it will have an adverse effect on your hearing.

  1. The source of an error

Oftentimes, upon noticing an audible error, sound engineers will rack their brains trying to fix it by meddling with different sounds, blissfully oblivious to the source itself! For all you know, the gear itself may be faulty.

  1. Practice makes perfect

A seasoned music artist will tell you that once the red light goes on in a recording studio, it’s quite natural to become self-conscious and end up making blunders along the way. The rule of the thumb is to practice multiple times in order to gain the confidence required to deliver a seamless performance.

  1. Goals and purposes

Music is a form of art but different kinds of music are adapted to target a certain demographic. Not everyone has the same acquired taste. Creatively, every member of the band should be able to see eye to eye. It’s too late to decide on modifications during the stage of recording. Some minor changes can be incorporated but not glaring ones that radically alter the course of the song.

  1. Be professional 24-7

You need to follow a set protocol to become a professional, like through preparation and excellent presentation which works for both home studios and state-of-the-art facilities like Songmill music studio. Mutual respect between bandmates and tech staff is also a must.

  1. Use a good cable

Sometimes, seemingly inconsequential gear can also significantly tamper the quality of the music. Ensure that everything is tip-top and you’ll be rewarded well.  Sparing a few extra bucks in purchases has never hurt anyone.

Recording Mistake #3: Weak Tuning