Collection Of Different Rottis



Rotti and Rice are the basic fundamentals of Indian cuisine. Rice is largely consumed in south India whereas in north India people basically consume rotti predominantly. Roti is a flatbread made with the help of wholesome flour. There are different kinds of rottis and it is made through various flour. Usually, the dough for roti is unleavened. 

As we stated earlier, there are many kinds of rottis and they are made with different kinds of flours and millets in India. Every region has its own kind of rotti. Punjabis love makke di rotti while Maharashtrians love jowar rottis. Akki roti and ragi rotti are very popular in Karnataka. Rottis are very healthy and are enriched with many nutrients. In this article we will tell about the collection of different that that you can make in your home. 

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Collection of Rottis


  • Thalipeeth Recipe – Thalipeeth is basically a spiced flatbread which is made from multigrain flour. Thalipeeth is very nutritious and healthy. It even taste delicious too. You can serve this rotti in the morning as a morning breakfast. 



  • Khasta Rotti – Khasta rotti are generally very crisp and flaky kind of flatbread. They are not much crisp like papads but the crispness in khasta roti is supported by its softness.  The flakiness in the rotti is not much like kachori but there exists minor flakiness in this kind of rottis. You should serve khasta rottis with dishes made up of gravy or dishes made up of lentils. 



  • Dibba Rotti – This kind of Rottis talk a very popular Andhra cuisine. They are generally crusty and crispy from the outside and possess a soft texture inside. Dibba rottis are basically made up of the batter of urad dal and idli Rava. You don’t need to ferment this mixture to make the Dibba Rotti. You can make the directly by just mixing it. 



  • Kutti Ki Rotti – A kuttu ki rotti is basically made up of gluten-free flatbread and is mixed up with buckwheat potatoes and mashed potatoes. They are very healthy to eat and are generally made during the Navaratri fasting period. 



  • Goor ki Rotti – Goor ki roti also referred to as methi ki poori is a very tasty kind of rotti variety. They are generally made up of jaggery and whole wheat atta. That is why this rotti is also known as jaggery di roti and it is usually made in punjabi’s homes. 



  • Rajgira Rotti – This rottis are also composed of gluten-free flatbreads and are made up of amarnath atta. They are also made during vrats. 



  • Mooli da Thepla – Mooli da thepla are made up of mooli and whole wheat flour and this kind of flatbread is generally served during the winters as they the body warm and cozy.