Cheerful ways to refresh your home


Refreshing your home is an incredible way to drive away your lockdown blues and give a new energizing transformation to your sweet dwelling place. Redecorating your intimate and comfortable atmosphere around you will be equally refreshing for you.

Little tweaks here and there can enliven your space and add an element of freshness to your home whenever you are tired of its look. Now you can give a breath of fresh air to your home and change the total outlook with these simple decorating hacks.

A dash of color – Spruce up your home by adding new interesting and colorful décors to it. A super-easy way to add that extra flair is by adding new throw pillows in bright colors. Also, you can deck up your hallway with scenic wall art which can lift your spirits besides making the space look elegant. You will be surprised to see how a carpet can accentuate the look of your home; you can experiment with rich colors that bring out the airiness of your room.

Flower aura – Flowers add grace and helps to inhale some life into your living space. Low maintenance artificial flowers do the same magic but come with an eternal life span so display them near the windows, quirky corners, or as a centerpiece for your table. You can bring an empty wall to life by adorning it with floral wall plates or a complete floral wall. You can also opt for a flower metal wall art that can embellish your wall and is sure to be an instant eye-catcher.

Bright window treatment – If you imagine your home as a photograph then the windows are its frame! So, making a little alteration will bring about a sea of difference to your space. As there are endless options available in the market, you can choose from Roman to Japanese blinds, sheer flowy to silk curtains, or combine them to give a bright sunshine treatment to any room.

Light magic – An energizing look to the home can be added with lighting fixtures in various designs and shapes. A colorful pendant light, hanging cluster light, or just a table lamp with a bright shade can give the brightened-up look to any room. Fancy lights create an ambiance that is nice, cozy, and can also light up your mood all year long. Another helpful trick is to refresh your old ceiling lights with different layers of lighting at varying levels.

Refreshing bed covers – Comfortable bed covers have the power of offering a feast to your senses as you lay yourself down to rest. So, you can refresh your bedroom by spreading bedcovers in relaxing hues. Pastel shaded and floral printed bedsheets can liven up your bedroom instantly. Though it’s one simple change, it can create a mighty refresh.

So, give a new lease of life to your living space with these refreshing ideas and transform your home into a sanctuary where you can relax, recharge and rejuvenate!