Can Sx pro work on Patched Switch?


Since sx pro came out in the market, lots of fans are willing that it can work on all Nintendo Switch Version, so how can we crack Nintendo Switch with sx pro, does any other ways to hack Switch?

What are the necessary tools to hack the Nintendo Switch?

It must be said that the method that I am going to present to you is the most efficient currently. However hack methods are likely to evolve over time. But for the moment, there is no doubt about the method of which I will speak to you. To do so, you must provide a small budget that must be between 40 and 50 euros.

First of all you will need to buy the SX Pro. This is a pack that is really complete and is used to hack the Nintendo Switch. In this pack, you will find a JIG module, a USB dongle and an SX OS license. You should know that this is a pack that is very simple to use and is very powerful to crack any Nintendo Switch console. You can find this pack everywhere in France and especially on the Internet. You should know that the SX Pro has a lot of advantages because it allows to play most games available on the market when used for crack.

The second item you will need is a micro SD memory card. It’s the support that will be responsible for storing your games once you crack your console. This is why it is strongly recommended to opt for a memory card with a very large capacity. For my part, I advise you to choose at least one card with a capacity of 128 gigabits. With this you will be able to save almost twelve games. It should be noted that these memory cards are available on for the modest sum of 20 euros.

The last element to have is well heard a Nintendo Switch. But here it is important that it is compatible with the frozen rocket fault. In fact it is a small defect in the programming code that is only present at the level of consoles offered for sale at the very beginning. This is a flaw that the Japanese firm could not correct and we will enjoy here to achieve our hack. This is the place to add that there are at least a million copies of Switch consoles that have this flaw in France. So if you do not have such a console, you can try to buy it on the Internet or from a former user.

Yes, it is really does a good way to play free games on Nintendo Switch, but sx pro can work on all the Nintendo Switch? What can we do if our Switch have patched?

Confirm your Nintendo Switch is available to hack

Nintendo has fixed the bug puce of Nivida since Nintendo Switch Lite and New Nintendo Switch, you can check Serial number in site site

After checking the serial number, if your console has patched, what can we do?

If your console est patched, we all know that  sx pro can not work on it, so what can we do?

Caffeine, a Deja Vu-based warmboot exploit for the Nintendo Switch which allows users to launch any RCM payload, has been updated to support firmware 4.1.0. While this is already good per, things become significantly more interesting if you consider that the exploit is also able to work on patched consoles, thus marking the first time said units are able to boot into full CFW! PegaScape has also been updated to include this new version of Caffeine, giving users an easy way to take advantage of it on their consoles.

But only the firmware version which is inferior than 4.1, can run Caffeine

However, if you want to try this yourself, be very wary when using homebrew able to make permanent modifications to your system’s NAND. What works or is easily fixable on a fusèe-gelèe compatible Switch can make a patched unit permanently brickedDo not enable AutoRCM under any circumstance on a patched console, you will brick if you do so. On the other hand, it is highly recommended to make a NAND backup as soon as possible and dump your keys using Lockpick_RCM. You can also set up emu MMC to run games and homebrew using any higher firmware you like while leaving sys NAND on 4.1.0 to boot Caffeine.

So, for Switch Firmware which is inferior than 4.1.0, whether its patched or not, you can hack it. For those Nintendo Switch firmware is superior than 4.1, only the impatched Switch can play free games.