Buy Levothyroxine to Treat Canine Hypothyroidism in Dogs


Canine Hypothyroidism is a condition that is common in many dogs. A veterinary doctor will advise you to buy Levothyroxine to supplement the thyroid hormones that are not being produced by the unhealthy thyroid gland. This condition may be attributed to damage of the dog’s thyroid gland as a result of an immune mediate process. Destruction of the thyroid gland thus means that inadequate amount of thyroid hormones are produced hence leading to hypothyroidism.

Another reason that will require you to Levothyroxine Cost is as a result of pituitary disease which causes a less than normal amount of thyroid stimulating hormone to be available in the blood stream. TSH (thyroid stimulating hormones) is responsible for causing the thyroid gland to produce additional thyroid hormones. A reduced level or absence of TSH will see a reduced production of the thyroid hormone.

The symptoms of hypothyroidism which will lead or prompt you to buy include skin disease, lethargy, obesity, anaemia. There are other symptoms that are rare but can still occur as a result of hypothyroidism and they include eye disease, neurological and heart diseases. You may notice that these symptoms can occur as a result of other diseases and as such before you visit your pet pharmacy to buy please consult your veterinary doctor.

Once you set out to buy Levothyroxine you are less likely to find a product branded Synthroid. Instead you will buy in a brand such as Soloxine- sodium. It and other brands of are used as an external source of the thyroid hormone and it certainly does work extremely well to treat all forms of hypothyroidism in dogs. You buy products to stimulate the growth and development, metabolism and differentiation of the canine tissues. This process will gradually replace the thyroid hormones which would otherwise be generated by the dog’s thyroid gland.

Levothyroxine is administered via the mouth (orally). It is absorbed quickly from the blood stream, from where it is then bound to the proteins which are then circulated to the various tissues that depend on the thyroid hormone for normal function.

You can buy Soloxine in one of its eight different dosages which range from 0.1 to 0.8mg tablets. After you buy your veterinary doctor should keep the levels of thyroxine monitored periodically to prevent overdosing the dog which will in turn cause the following: increased urine content, increased thirst and appetite, hyperactivity and reduced tolerance to high temperatures.