Beginner’s Guide For Youtube Monetization 


YouTube has become the topmost trend in a generation. One can find everything whether it is any DIY method or any other tutorials on YouTube which make our lives easier and convenient. But on the one hand, this is a great platform for the users to get everything easy at hand, the businesses need to establish a full-proof plan to make this platform beneficial on the other. There comes the need for monetization on YouTube. If you are a beginner to start your own YouTube Channel, then this guide will help you in monetizing your channel is a great way. So, let’s get started! 

Rules To Earn Money From A Youtube Channel

There are 4 golden rules applied on any channel available on YouTube and only by obtaining these rules perfectly, one can start earning from his/her channel. These are, 

  • One Must Get At Least 1k Subscribers On The Channel

It is important to get more than 1000 subscribers to start earning from a YouTube channel. Although one can get this if he or she has good connections with people, it can also be bought from various online sources. You can go to the source which assures organic subscriptions along with affordable charges for the same. 

  • The Videos Published On The Channel Must Have At Least 4k Views Within 1 Year Of Publishing. 

Once you publish any video on your channel, you must get at least 4000 views on it which should also be organic. To get this, it is important to post at a regular interval. This will signify your patentability on the channel and you won’t lose your viewership as well. This viewership should come within 1 year of publishing any video. 

  • The Channel Must Not Violate The Terms And Conditions Of The Platform.

YouTube, unlike any other platform, has certain rules that one needs to follow while opening or running a channel. These rules should be carefully obtained by the channel holders as otherwise, the videos will be banned and if things happen regularly, your channel may be banned. So, it is important to follow all the rules without an error. 

  • One Must Set An Adsense Account Associated With The Channel.

Monetization on YouTube has a great rule and that is Adsense. The more you get popularity, the more you can earn and vice versa. This earning will come from various advertisements that will be available on your videos.