Before Joining the Corset Craze, Know All About the Waist Training Corsets


The trend of flaunting a waist training corset isn’t new – in fact, tightlacing was quite common in the late Victorian era. But, when Kim Kardashian was seen wearing a stylish latex version to shape her post-baby waist, corsets became even more popular. Other celebs like sisters Kourtney and Kim, Luisa Zissman, Jersey Shore’s J-Woww and Snooki, and Danielle Lloyd have been posting pictures of their tightly-cinched waists to kickstart their body-shaping movement.

Here’s everything you need to know before buying a waist training corset to join the bandwagon:

  • It gives a slimming effect at the waist – It does have that instant effect, but there’s also a positive psychological effect regarding waist cinching.
  • It might lead to temporary weight loss – Some people find that during workouts, waist training can increase the body temperature, causing more sweatingwhich might temporarily result in weight loss.
  • It doesn’t actually get rid of body fat in the long run – The problem of waist training is that it only makes you look slim while you are wearing the corset. Once you take it off, the body will soon get back to its standard shape.Remember, corsets can never be a substitute for healthyeating and exercise.
  • Organs might shift having potentially dangerous consequences – With extreme waist training, the upper organs might move upwards, and the lower ones shift downwards, as might put excess pressure on the abdomen. This might make you less tolerant of certain foods, including gas-producing and fatty foods. This can also cause acid reflux. So, make sure you wear the right size.
  • It causes dehydration – Waist training during exercise increases body temperature causing excessive sweating, which ultimately causes dehydration. Make sure you stay fully hydrated during waist training.
  • Exercise you back muscles enough – As waist training restricts the movement of abdominal and back muscles if it essential to make sure that you do enough exercise regularly to keep them in perfect shape.
  • It is not recommended for young girls – Waist training is not really recommended for young girls who are still in their growing phase. Make sure that your body and muscles have grown fully before you start waist training.
  • Make sure you are not addicted – As wearing a waist trainer corset gives the perfect tiny waist and the desired figure, women usually get addicted to the look. This is bad as it is important for women to love their bodies and feel comfortable with it.

Waist trainers and corsets can work magic, just make sure you wear it right and take these precautions.