Apcela Is The Fastest Trading Platform With Agile, Scalable, and Cost Effective Low Latency Infrastructure


Apcela, formerly CFN Services, deploys low-latency networks and cloud solutions to accelerate application performance in distributed IT environments. Leveraging FiberSource, the company’s global network optimization platform, it delivers services for digitally transforming enterprises.

The Alpha Platform integrates ultra-low and low latency fiber and wireless connectivity, high-performance infrastructure, and advanced technologies to ensure the fastest market data delivery and trade execution. Our high-performance infrastructure is continually optimized to guarantee the fastest connections available, or we’ll automatically upgrade your service.

Fastest Market Data Delivery & Trade Execution

Apcela offers the fastest trading platform with agile, scalable, and cost-effective low-latency infrastructure for electronic trading across a global network of liquidity venues. Whether trading equities, options, futures, or FX asset classes, you can significantly reduce infrastructure complexity and costs with the lowest-latency direct market access and trade execution.

The Alpha Platform is designed to provide accelerated, ultra-low latency market data delivery and trade execution across key global liquidity venues. Featuring a single point of access to the markets, it helps you reduce data infrastructure and operational complexity, decreases trading costs, and maintains top performance.

The Apcela Arcus Platform leverages dozens of AppHUBs, cloud-based communication hubs deployed in carrier-neutral collocation facilities globally. It connects them into a global, software-defined application delivery stack. These AppHUBs deliver a suite of virtualized network functions as a service, from switching and routing to security services such as load balancing and WAN optimization.

Single Point of Access to the Global Financial Markets

Keeping pace with the increasing complexity of today’s financial markets and the rapid changes in market data volumes, trading speeds, and market conditions requires a low latency, agile, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure that can quickly adapt to dynamic market conditions.

Apcela’s Alpha Platform provides a single point of access to the global financial markets, enabling clients to dramatically reduce their market access and data infrastructure costs while maintaining high performance. This is done by providing lowest-latency direct connectivity and integrated access to exchange gateways, matching engines, and market data feeds across leading venues worldwide.

The company’s cloud-ready network architecture delivers a suite of virtualized, on-demand network functions through its AppHUB platform. These hubs use a distributed edge infrastructure to provide application performance management, WAN optimization, security, and routing.

Eliminate the Complexity of Seeking Best-in-Class Service

Apcela eliminates the complexity of seeking best-in-class service through a scalable platform of network and application technologies. Our low latency, global infrastructure and a host of services deliver market data delivery and trade execution capabilities that are agile, scalable, and cost-effective – without the need to build your infrastructure in-house.

We also have a 24/7 Operations Center and world-class teams of experts who support your business needs anytime, anywhere. Our expertise in Layer 1, 2, and 3 networking, DWDM, CWDM, SD-WAN, and network security are only a few of the tools we use to ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Apcela’s Alpha Platform is the fastest trading platform with agile, scalable, and cost-effective low-latency infrastructure. It provides a one-stop shop for electronic trading across key liquidity venues supporting equities, options, futures, fixed income, and FX asset classes. It combines the latest high-performance technology to deliver the most efficient market data and trade execution possible.

Flexible Infrastructure to Adapt to Dynamic Market Conditions

The infrastructure at the foundation of Apcela delivers accelerated, ultra-low latency market data delivery and trade execution for some of the world’s most sophisticated high-frequency trading firms. It can also adapt to dynamic market conditions and changes in trading strategies as they happen.

This global network reaches 185 sites in 41 countries with highly meshed interconnection and dedicated fiber connectivity. Honed over a decade through continuous upgrades to the newest and lowest-latency optimized fiber routes across 65+ carriers worldwide, Apcela’s network has been designed to meet the exacting standards of capital markets.

The multi-cloud architecture enables enterprises to easily integrate core data centers, regional offices, and remote users with various cloud service providers and availability zones — all as a service and at the click of a button. This allows businesses to reduce reliance on a single vendor, select best-of-breed capabilities and improve cost efficiencies.