All That You Need to Know About EXIR Cameras


Today, night time surveillance has gained increased importance and with the advent of EXIR technology, it has also become easier. Considered to be one of the latest in technological advancements, EXIR cameras offer innovation as far as night-time surveillance is concerned. These are easily available in the market. Here are some important details and benefits of EXIR cameras.

EXIR Technology

EXIR refers to Extended Infrared and the EXIR cameras help in improving the overall visibility even in dark conditions such as night time. Technology allows for reduced brightness from images and forms a pattern around the image that has equal light distribution.

Key Benefits

Here are some of the important benefits of EXIR cameras.

  • Even distribution of light allows for better visibility as compared to old-fashioned or traditional CCTV cameras.
  • It comes with 30% improved illumination for better image quality.
  • It has a farther visibility range thereby ensuring thorough surveillance of surroundings.
  • It allows better light usage with the shape of its lenses. It also helps in reduced light pollution and optimum utilization.

Heat Dissipation

One of the biggest factors that draw most users to EXIR cameras is its ability to dissipate heat. This allows for lower thermal resistance and is considered as an improvised version of the previous offerings within EXIR technology.


EXIR technology backed cameras have a longer life span as compared to other CCTV alternatives. This could result in a one-time investment for most users and worry-free surveillance for a life-time.

Reduced Components

The latest EXIR cameras have only one lens as compared to previous variants. This means a smaller size and lesser maintenance requirements.

Protecting EXIR Cameras

Always opt for a backdoor password when it comes to CCTV cameras. This way, you can prevent any intrusion and ensure that the camera is free from any cyber threat or potential hacking. When the camera system is locked, you can use the backdoor password to re-enter the system.

EXIR cameras are considered as one of the most reliable devices. These can be bought at comparatively lower prices and hence multiple cameras can be bought within a price budget. EXIR cameras are also easily available in the market since these are easy to manufacture. With a longer life span and lower cost combination, these are sure to have a larger market demand as compared to the traditional variants. For surveillance requirements during night time, these can perfectly fit the bill and offer a range of benefits.